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On this day--er, yesterday--well, Saturday:

01) I visited Art, to little avail. Well--ah, no, not really.
02) I watched The Matrix and realized that Art, if his face were longer, would very strongly resemble Keanu Reeves. IT'S EVEN THE VOICE, almost.
03) Hitler came to [ profile] cryptozoology.

And. Ladies and gentlemen.


We're just movin' on up, straight to the top

I mean, officially.

I will elaborate on this tomorrow, but 'tis sleepy time now. La.
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I called Alison [not Allie] to make sure she was still coming in this evening to work, because she and I switched shifts (I would be coming in on Saturday for her instead). She told me that Connie had told her not to bother coming in, as she'd had the shift filled, but that they'd still need Alison on Saturday because it is assumed that I quit, although I never actually uttered those words (or anything like them). It was the end of my shift, Linda arrived, I clocked out and left.

I need to get my story straight and see if they really do want to believe that I quit. I would like to be adult about this, go about this the right way, and finish out the rest of my shifts, but honestly I can't see either of them being anything but childish and petty. Hell, if they could be adults, I wouldn't even be making this post.

I'll go back tomorrow or Saturday and see what the hell's going on. They may very well just tell me to shove it and go home, which is all well and good.

ETA: Oh yeah. I had my alarm set this morning because last night I was exhausted and didn't want to accidentally end up waking up at like 12:30 or something. Well, I ended up hitting the snooze on it and going back to sleep anyway, but the next time the alarm woke me up? 11:11. Yeah, that's a coincidence.
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Come on and let me know
Me tienes que decir
Should I cool it or should I blow?
¿Me debo ir o quedarme?

Should I stay or should I go now?
¿Yo me frío o lo soplo?
If I go there will be trouble
Si me voy - va a ver peligro
And if I stay it will be double
Si me quedo es doble
So you gotta let me know
Me tienes que decir
Should I stay or should I go?
¿Yo me frío o lo soplo?
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True story. Well, sort of. Minus the wings.

Enter Ye Olde Linda and Nicki Are Quitting Like Right Now Conspiracy.

It's more than that I am a miserable salesperson (I really, really am). It's more than that Connie is a bitch. It's more than that John is a huge asshole. It's that I suck and that John and Connie are assholes together, and the fact that John is constantly talking shit about Linda, who is my friend, and has never ONCE done a fucking thing to anyone except warn people that Connie is a bitch and not to let her fuck you over.

It's Connie blaming the gross misspellings in the customer database on Linda, when we all know Connie can't even spell "states." Or "Arthur." I can't tell you how many instances of "King Auther Court" I've seen.

(Not to mention that when she finagled a WH account out of me when I first started (my SECOND DAY), she spelled both my first and last names wrong.

It's John promising this poor woman that he would order a watch for her, and my having to apologize and cover for him because he never got back to her. I don't know what all he's done, she's not even my customer, and I am not apologizing for anyone else's bullshit anymore.

It's me always getting stuck working 12-hour shifts because someone calls out. Fuck this, honestly. I am not doing it again. Period. Or I quit, right on the spot.

It's Connie pouring more water into the ultrasonic machine instead of, I dunno, cleaning out the crud that has accumulated in the bottom of it.

It's Connie calling me over from 10+ feet away, where I was busy doing something, to get something out of a drawer that was maybe two feet away from her.

It's Alison installing the new copier/fax machine and Connie taking all the credit for it (and John GIVING it to her) (like Connie even knows how to spell "fax").

It's Connie padding her transaction totals.

It's Connie STILL swiping everyone's sales.

It's John swiping Christina's $100 sale.

It's John swiping my returns.

It's John's terrible halitosis.

It's John letting Connie get away with riding the clock and everything else because she "does a lot for [him]."

It's the Secret Cabinet bullshit (Alison: "John, I was cleaning out these cabinets, but I can't open this one with my keys." John: "No, you can't.").

It's standing for five hours in silence with John and seriously contemplating pretending to pass out so I can go home.

It's John staring at Alison's chest.

It's...shit, Alison told us something really amazing today and I've completely forgotten it.

Ah, well, I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

The last two jobs I poked at had already been filled (thus I was angry) (and it sucks being angry where you can't post to LJ about it. /emo tear By the time I get home, I'm not pissed anymore).

But it's okay, at the very least I've got a backup. I think Cobra Commander and the Marquis de Brock Samson might give me an in.

Also, I love Jon Benjamin forever and ever and ever.
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Yeah. Absolutely NOT EVER working a suprise 12-hour shift again. Fuck you, Whitehall.

Thank you to my 1000 paper cranes. (Not really 1000. More like 5.)

No thank you to Connie for deciding that folding paper cranes was not a worthwhile use of my time. You may go get fucked also. Actually, that's probably a longshot, nevermind. I was there for six extra hours--in my mind I was positively made of time.
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Oh, better now. Still not calling his ass. Somehow I remembered how to Hallmark, except I have no idea where anything's been moved to, so I had to constantly explain about being away for two months.

BUT! ANYWAY. I am just putting this down, for the record: For Halloween I am SO going as Jem1. There is no way this is not happening. I am awesome. That is all.

1Rio, such a drama queen.
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Staying up until 4am three nights in a row to finish a project.

Also, having to work every day afterwards.

Also, having to work.

Nicki's Final Project
Special thanks to: SLEEP
No thanks whatsoever to: MY STUPID JOB
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Haha, I just got the best wrong number ever.

[Phone rings, and it's a totally unfamiliar number but I answer anyway.]
Me: Hello?
Dude: Yeah, it turns out George Street is actually in Westminster [or something like that, I forget.]
M: ...
     ...Uh, I think you have the wrong number.
D: --OH! Well! That's awkward.
M: Kind of!
D: I was trying to get in touch with one of my employees who's out on a delivery route.
M: Well, I'm totally not on any kind of delivery route.
D: Ah, well, I am SO sorry! You have a FANTASTIC day, and thank you for the awesome conversation!
M: Haha, no problem.

He sounded kind of cute. Next time I am in Hanover, PA, I am going to have to stop by the Rent-A-Center at (717) 637-2127, 449 Eisenhower Drive.

ETA: And SWEET, Shelley quit. So now there are THREE of us left and fuck work, I've got finals to take care of.

Also, not there again today. WTF? Is he off being a delinquent or something? "Are you avoiding me, Arthur?" That is what I am going to say if I ever see him again. That very tall bastard.

ETA again: If you have a LAST.FM account, could you be awesome and vote YES for Tim's image? I would love you a lot.
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Uh. I seem to be amassing a following of sorts.

(x) "Glen(n)" (40s+)
(x) Weird dude from Sunday (late 30s, 40s)
(x) Isaac, the guy who runs the Dead Sea Minerals kiosk (mid-/upper-30s)
(x) Art, sort of (34)
(x) Dave (34 also, I assume)
(x) And this weekend, right outside our store, there's some sort of sports memorabilia market thing going on. I took the trash out at 8:30 or so, and Connie went for a smoke when I got back. While she was gone, one of the vendors (40s+) walked by and smiled, so I smiled back, and he says, "Hey, how's it going, Nicki?" And I say, "...Uh, fine..." He taps his forehead and says, "I'm psychic," then takes a step backward and says, "Nah, I'm just kidding, I asked your boss." When Connie came back in, I asked her if she actually told him my name and she just laughed.

But the age trend is disturbing.

[Poll #727926]

Also, I sold two things today! Purely by virtue of Mother's Day being Sunday and because they were shiny.
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Jeremy's kind of talking me into getting an iMac.

  • 1GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 1x1GB

  • 250GB Serial ATA drive

  • ATI Radeon X1600/256MB VRAM

  • SuperDrive 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD+RW/CD-RW)

  • Keyboard & Mighty Mouse + Mac OS X - U.S. English

  • Accessory kit

  • 20-inch widescreen LCD

  • 2GHz Intel Core Duo

  • AirPort Extreme

  • Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

For $1757. Now, I could save ~$500 if I went with the smaller monitor/128MB video card, but for what I'm doing, I want it to be worth the expense, you know? I could really benefit from a good graphics card.

And I can always run Boot Camp or Parallels to run Windows.

So, uh. I think I might do this. Feedback?

I had a fucked-up 36-hour working weekend and now I'm extraordinarily tired and I'm going to faceplant on the desk in a second.
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Art quit.

I don't think I am cut out for this selling things to people thing.
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O TMBG Concert, how beautiful thou art.

O Setlist:
The Guitar / Alphabet of Nations / Dr. Worm / Why Did You Grow A Beard?* / Damn Good Times / "Dan Miller's performance is sponsored by Red Bull" / Careful What You Pack* / A new song I don't know the name of ("Do you think there's somebody else out there who's better than the one you've got")* EDIT: It's "The Cap'm." Or is it "Cap'n"? / Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes / Boss of Me / Older / We Live In A Dump* / Experimental Film / We're the Replacements / Number 3 / "We're...not buffalo...are we?" / Another new one I don't know the name of ("You can't walk, you can't ramble")* EDIT: It's "Bee of Bird of Moth" / Drink ("DRINK DRINK!") / We Want A Rock / "Shortathon," including Anaheim and / Los Angeles / Snail Shell / Spine / Rhythm Section Want Ad / Birdhouse in Your Soul / Cyclops Rock / "This Damn Band" Intro ("This damn band is kicking your ass") / Marty's Drum Clinic Examples / Purple Toupee


FIRST ENCORE: New York City / The failed cellphone experiment / Asbury Park / Dan Miller's guitar solo; words cannot cannot cannot describe how amazing this was. None. I can't even try. And of course this led into / Istanbul!


Absent: "Ana Ng," "Particle Man," "Don't Let's Start," Spin the Dial
Notable Appearances By: Oldies like "Purple Toupee," "Rhythm Section Want Ad," "We're the Replacements," "Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes," "We Want A Rock," none of which I think I've heard live before. Fantastic.

Less banter, less audience participation than I'm used to, no confetti cannon. Flansy seemed kind of tired, maybe? Not his usual outgoing self. He usually goofs off during the "heart attack" part in "Fingertips," but he, uh, didn't. Linnell actually seemed in a great mood, jumping and bouncing and laughing more than he usually does (at least at the shows I've been to). Which is not to say he's normally in a bad mood, but as Flans faid, "Sad and tired has always worked for you."1 But I got a big Foam Finger! Which I LOVE THANK YOU

And then, walking down the street in his black polo shirt and his red, red pants, there was...Danny Weinkauf.

Dear Mr. Weinkauf,
I am really really sorry if I perhaps weirded you out when I yelled, "Hi Danny!" across the street. I really don't mean to come off as That Psycho Girl in the Audience, but somehow I am always approaching that boundary.

Yours sincerely,

P.S., Love the red pants. Please wear them always. ♥♥♥

Also, I did not attend the House Painting Maybe Twister Party, primarily because I have to be at work at 9:30 tomorrow. And I work Sunday. Oh, and next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, too. I work 32 damn hours next week, which is 12 more than I asked for, and I know lots of people work and go to school full time but dammit, I've got a lot of work. Oh Arthur, don't think you can sweet talk me and call me "buddy" and think you'll get away with it!
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As promised, your stalker story )

The cover story, for the record: Casey Ackerman, Loyola, psychology major.

Art and Dave are completely awesome and I can't believe I got paid $10 an hour to make/listen to dirty jokes and throw around paper airplanes.
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Wasting time before work, and I'll elaborate later, but


I have another stalker. How the hell did he find me, agahahskjhfjf. Do I have a sign on my forehead??
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Work hazards already. My toes are numb. :(

And I hope that I'm just being demented because of my period and not because I'm usually this way and just never noticed before.
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Can we just do some quick math here:

4/5/06:   4   x 10   = 40*
4/6/06:   7.5 x 7.25 = 54.38**
4/7/06:   7.5 x 7.25 = 54.38**
4/8/06:   7.5 x 10   = 75*
4/9/06:   7.5 x 10   = 75*

Total: $298.76 (before taxes). Ka-CHING.
Total hours (counting breaks): 34
Total hours (not counting breaks, because honestly, I'm still stuck there for that half hour): 36
* Whitehall
** Hallmark (last regular day was 4/7, and Thursday we got hit for candles again!)

That said: My feet hurt.

And while that would have made a nice note on which to end the post, I do have to say this: CONNIE, Thou Who Hast No Redeeming Qualities, how am I supposed to sell ANYTHING or process credit apps if I don't have an employee number? I can't even CLOCK IN YET. Also, if I am not supposed to show diamonds yet because I'm new, it would be cool if you maybe told me personally. Telling Linda is all well and good but, you know, I do have two perfectly good ears of my own. She did that Wednesday, too; talked to Linda about what I would be doing while I was sitting right there, but never actually addressing me. I really don't like that.

But other than that, it's cool, and all that math up there makes it even more obvious how much that extra $2.75 is adding up.

And I like this song a lot, mostly for the background bits.
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Sooo... I've sealed up my letter of resignation and I'm taking it over tomorrow and I am just going to DIE, probably because Theresa is going to KILL ME. And I'm back at White Marsh, after being shuffled back and forth from Towson to White Marsh to Towson to White Marsh.



At least I've got my TMBG tickets.


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