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The stars have aligned, my friends.

Or they will, I guess.

In a month and a half I'll be 23. I feel old already. But taking the edge off of this is the fact that They Might Be Giants are playing THAT VERY NIGHT. ON MY BIRTHDAY. YES. IT'S TRUE. There is no way I am not going. Maybe they will sing Happy Birthday to me and then I can pretty much just die right on the spot.

Anywayayayay. Thing is, it's in Brooklyn, and I know over half of my flist is MIA or dead or on the West Coast (LAME!) (I KID) (I really need to get more friends), but would anyone happen to be able to recommend a nice, inexpensive hotel in New York? Preferably in Brooklyn, I guess, because I really don't feel like taking a taxi or the subway that far after the show. Also, one without bed bugs would be cool. The Carlton Arms is very cool and inexpensive and I would even be willing to go into Manhattan for it, if not for the fact that I am not going to be able to sleep with all of those people painted on the walls. (The eyes! The eyesss) Maybe if I got Room 9C or 9D. Room 15D is dirty. :)

I feel weird and sort of sick and my hands are inexplicably warm, and I've got a lot to do but I might just call it a night.

PS, TOOMAH UPDATE: The official verdict is that it's a Ganglion cyst. I don't think smacking it with a Bible is going to help it. And dammit, I forgot to ask for the MRI pictures.
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I went to the podiatrist today about my toomah cyst (okay, she laughed when I told her I'd been calling it a toomah). Sparing you the gross details (as if the word "cyst" isn't gross enough on its own), my next step?

To get an MRI.


OTHER NEWS: I have him in my pocketttt.
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I was explaining my TOOMAH to my aerobic conditioning instructor and his eyes kept darting downwards to my chest (not even discreetly!) and it really was all I could do not to bust out laughing (whereas any sane girl would be offended, I dunno). The boobies strike again.

I suppose it is entirely possible that he was trying to make sense of my shirt, but if that were the case he should have just asked. Not buying it.

I think I may listen to this song on repeat forever and ever.

ETA: Can we just discuss this? This is every day of my life.
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Before I do my big TOOMAH reveal, you may want to vote still, I dunno. Doesn't really matter to me. :D

And the verdict is... )

I'm kind of giddy at the moment, but I'm also SICK OF THE INTERNET and being awake so I am going to remedy that by going to bed. Sleep now, explain later.

If this song is really about a fish, I am in greater awe than ever.
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Tomorrow morning I get to find out what the hell this thing is on my toe! It's still there, four weeks later, but soon the mystery will end, I hope. I am morbidly excited to learn the truth about this persistent, unexplained...thing.

It's probably too late for anyone to get in on this hott betting action, but here is a poll pour vous anyway.

[Poll #802100]

I don't know what the prize is. My undying love? A sense of pride and accomplishment? :/
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Today I have several things that I did NOT have this time yesterday.

01. My awesome Saucs! Saucs get the rstevens seal of approval.
02. A hideous toothache. Does not respond to cold/heat/flossing/biting down on it, but it DOES give me random spasms of pain down into my jaw. I THINK I HAVE A CAVITY, O FRABJOUS DAY!
03. This one is best described visually.

Cut for the foot-phobic. )

"It might be a tumor."

Yeah, well, it could be an aneurysm, in my toe!

At this time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Boston, so this is probably the last post you'll get from me for a week.

...Or ever, should some horrible fate befall me in Beantown. :D

Be good, kids!


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