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Tonight I am going to my second rock show in three days. I'm still kind of exhausted from TMBG on Friday night and not getting home until 3am, but I have had these tickets for over a month and I've been looking forward to it and the hell with passing out.

So, look. I've been to a lot of rock shows in the past year or so (especially these past couple of months). Shall we count? (Just for shits, I am including all of the ones I can think of, all the way back to 2003.)

  • Feb. 2003: TMBG @ The Recher
  • May 2004: TMBG @ The Maryland Science Center
  • Sept. 2004: TMBG @ The Recher
  • (were there really no shows in 2005??)
  • Jan. 2006: Imogen Heap @ The Recher
  • Apr. 2006: TMBG @ Sonar
  • Nov. 2006: My Morning Jacket / The Slip @ The 9:30 Club
  • Dec. 2006: Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends / Challenge Club / Rocket [something] @ The Talking Head
  • Dec. 2006: TMBG @ Southpaw (in Brooklyn)
  • Dec. 2006: Carousel Rogues / Exit Clov / some band I forget, but they were all in high school and the girl playing the tambourine seemed painfully superfluous / Judd & Maggie
  • July 2007: Guster / Pete Yorn @ Wolf Trap
  • Sept. 2007: TMBG @ Ram's Head Live
  • Sept. 2007: The Apples in Stereo / Aqueduct / I forgot the other band's name! Sorry. @ The 9:30 Club
  • Oct. 2007: of Montreal @ Ram's Head Live
  • Oct. 2007: The Shins / Spoon / Vetiver @ Merriweather
  • Nov. 2007: TMBG @ The 9:30 Club
  • Nov. 2007 (TONIGHT!): Coheed and Cambria @ The 9:30 Club

Whew, that is a lot of shows. Actually, it seemed like more in my head. Anyway, there is nothing like having an amazing, AMAZING show near-ruined by some shithead who got there late and decided to upgrade his viewing position by squeezing his way through people who paid just as much as he did for this show, but had the sense to show up early. Seriously, don't be this shithead. Especially if you are taller than almost everyone there anyway. You'll just end up getting poked and harrassed by people like my brother.

Another show-ruiner: obnoxious drunk chick. At the of Montreal show, I was minding my own business when to my left, at about eye level, I see a couple of hands in the air having a very localized seizure. The hands are attached to a very small, very likely drunk female, who has taken it upon herself to try to squeeze herself in front of me by gyrating wildly against my left side. My homicidal urges almost blocked out the visuals of Kevin Barnes in spandex and fishnets.

But Friday? This was worse, in a lot of ways. I am all for fans to be enthusiastic. I do not need "HIII JOHHHNNNNN! I LOVE YOU JOHHHHNNNNNNN! OVER HERE JOHHHHHNNNNNNN! DAN TAKE OFF YOUR HAT! DANNY YOU'RE MIIIIIIINE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Every. Five. Seconds. Or the wide arm gestures that kept hitting me in the head. Or taking the song "Turn Around" literally. She was quiet after several people shushed her and my brother told her she was annoying, but it was not over: I glanced to my right and saw a great expanse of flesh.

She took.

Her shirt.


And then proceeded to burst into tears during "Maybe I Know," and left.

Tonight I'm expecting more teenagers and less unstable performance artists.

Quick nap maybe.
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Hey hey hi hi. Once again, my (mis)adventures will become lost to the ether of forgetfulness if I don't take the time to actually write anything down. Here I go!

Wednesday (9/12) was TMBG Concert! It was, as always, rockin', and was easily the best spot I've ever had at a TMBG concert. Oh, how can I stop getting weirded out when Linnell's eyes meet mine? I left without a second drumstick to match the one I got last December (the picture is missing because my paid account expired, thus did Scrapbook, but trust me when I tell you that it looks like a drumstick someone chewed on), but oh, what a great night. I could listen to Dan Miller's excellent "Istanbul" intro all day.

That said, here are some songs I wish They would play, or play more often:
Everything Right Is Wrong Again / Rhythm Section Want Ad / She Was A Hotel Detective / Lie Still, Little Bottle (with The Stick!) / Purple Toupee / They'll Need A Crane / We Want A Rock / Letterbox / Mostly everything from Apollo 18 / No One Knows My Plan / Destination Moon / Stomp Box / The End of the Tour / Meet James Ensor (I guess this is played fairly often, but I miss it) / Spiraling Shape / James K. Polk / Lullabye to Nightmares / Bangs / Cyclops Rock / Man, It's So Loud In Here

And dammit, They played like half of The Else and didn't play "Climbing the Walls." Also, "Brain Problem Situation" --why was that relegated to B-side status? I think it's lots better than, say, "Contrecoup."

Nerd rant nerd rant nerd rant.

Anyway, so that was Wednesday, and I have some other musical performancey things coming up, but I will not jinx them.

I've been coming home on the weekends, which is great but sort of disorienting, as if it's still my space, but it isn't. I feel like this computer isn't mine anymore, this room isn't mine anymore. I appreciate the proximity of the apartment, but there are lots of times when I'd just as soon say fuck it and move back again because I miss everything and everyone so badly. Then I tell myself to just grow up and deal with it, that I'm an adult now and this is what adults do--they move far away from everything and everyone they know and love and are lonely and miserable.

I feel like Jeremy doesn't really understand why I'm always coming home, which is frustrating, and then I refuse to talk to him about it and then everyone is even more frustrated. How will he ever understand if you don't explain it to him, Nichole? Am I the only one who has such a problem with this? My roommates have absolutely no problem with not seeing their families for months on end. Jeremy hasn't been back to Minnesota in maybe a year (?), and hadn't talked to his mother in six months until he called her when we were in San Diego. How is this possible for anyone? I couldn't bear it.

Clearly the thing to do is to stop crying about it and thinking about it and worrying about it and instead to just bury it, forever and ever.
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I'll give you the long version later, but the short one is that it was wonderful and fun and I came back with this:

Marty Beller's Drumstick

And Marty is awesome, because he looks like he's just having the best time in a job where he gets to hit things really hard, a lot.

The story goes thusly:
The show ended, and I wanted to stick around for a bit because I never do, and I'd come all the way to New York for this, so I wasn't missing out. The setlists went pretty quickly, and I was afraid I wouldn't get anything cool for my trouble. Marty Beller was out on stage hanging out, I guess, and I leaned onto the stagey thing and shouted, "Hey Marty, is there anything left up there? It's my birthday!"

He said, "Your birthday?... How about a drumstick?"

And I think I giggled like an idiot.

Before he handed it to me, he said, "Are you sure it's your birthday? What's the date?"

And I, like an idiot, had to think about it for a split-second, but he gave it to me anyway.

And that is how I got Marty Beller's Drum stick.
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I think I accidentally added (and subsequently removed) someone to my flist, so whoever I added, if you stumble upon this, hi. And oops.

My tickets for next month's TMBG Brooklyn Birthday Extravaganzapaloozathon have arrived and we also got the hotel! However! The concert venue is in Park Slopes, near (funnily enough) Prospect Park. The hotel is way the hell down near Brighton Beach.
+: It's near (on?) the water AND like three miles from Coney Island.
-: It's way the hell down near Brighton Beach. And it's a bit over a mile to the nearest subway stop. Scheisse. (note to self: take the Q to 7th Avenue)

Ah well. I can't believe this song exists.

My teeth hurt and I'm soon to be an uninsured college graduate, so I should get them checked out, I guess.

Wearing Ze Wig tomorrow! Because Tim said it's "rad."

ETA: I am here all by my lonesome and I'm hearing scary noises. :x

Also here is a fantastic cover of Elvis Costello's "I Want You" by Fiona Apple.
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The stars have aligned, my friends.

Or they will, I guess.

In a month and a half I'll be 23. I feel old already. But taking the edge off of this is the fact that They Might Be Giants are playing THAT VERY NIGHT. ON MY BIRTHDAY. YES. IT'S TRUE. There is no way I am not going. Maybe they will sing Happy Birthday to me and then I can pretty much just die right on the spot.

Anywayayayay. Thing is, it's in Brooklyn, and I know over half of my flist is MIA or dead or on the West Coast (LAME!) (I KID) (I really need to get more friends), but would anyone happen to be able to recommend a nice, inexpensive hotel in New York? Preferably in Brooklyn, I guess, because I really don't feel like taking a taxi or the subway that far after the show. Also, one without bed bugs would be cool. The Carlton Arms is very cool and inexpensive and I would even be willing to go into Manhattan for it, if not for the fact that I am not going to be able to sleep with all of those people painted on the walls. (The eyes! The eyesss) Maybe if I got Room 9C or 9D. Room 15D is dirty. :)

I feel weird and sort of sick and my hands are inexplicably warm, and I've got a lot to do but I might just call it a night.

PS, TOOMAH UPDATE: The official verdict is that it's a Ganglion cyst. I don't think smacking it with a Bible is going to help it. And dammit, I forgot to ask for the MRI pictures.
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In that case, DAN MILLER, I demand you come to my house and reenact your Instanbul intro in my living room, because that's not fair.
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O TMBG Concert, how beautiful thou art.

O Setlist:
The Guitar / Alphabet of Nations / Dr. Worm / Why Did You Grow A Beard?* / Damn Good Times / "Dan Miller's performance is sponsored by Red Bull" / Careful What You Pack* / A new song I don't know the name of ("Do you think there's somebody else out there who's better than the one you've got")* EDIT: It's "The Cap'm." Or is it "Cap'n"? / Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes / Boss of Me / Older / We Live In A Dump* / Experimental Film / We're the Replacements / Number 3 / "We're...not buffalo...are we?" / Another new one I don't know the name of ("You can't walk, you can't ramble")* EDIT: It's "Bee of Bird of Moth" / Drink ("DRINK DRINK!") / We Want A Rock / "Shortathon," including Anaheim and / Los Angeles / Snail Shell / Spine / Rhythm Section Want Ad / Birdhouse in Your Soul / Cyclops Rock / "This Damn Band" Intro ("This damn band is kicking your ass") / Marty's Drum Clinic Examples / Purple Toupee


FIRST ENCORE: New York City / The failed cellphone experiment / Asbury Park / Dan Miller's guitar solo; words cannot cannot cannot describe how amazing this was. None. I can't even try. And of course this led into / Istanbul!


Absent: "Ana Ng," "Particle Man," "Don't Let's Start," Spin the Dial
Notable Appearances By: Oldies like "Purple Toupee," "Rhythm Section Want Ad," "We're the Replacements," "Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes," "We Want A Rock," none of which I think I've heard live before. Fantastic.

Less banter, less audience participation than I'm used to, no confetti cannon. Flansy seemed kind of tired, maybe? Not his usual outgoing self. He usually goofs off during the "heart attack" part in "Fingertips," but he, uh, didn't. Linnell actually seemed in a great mood, jumping and bouncing and laughing more than he usually does (at least at the shows I've been to). Which is not to say he's normally in a bad mood, but as Flans faid, "Sad and tired has always worked for you."1 But I got a big Foam Finger! Which I LOVE THANK YOU

And then, walking down the street in his black polo shirt and his red, red pants, there was...Danny Weinkauf.

Dear Mr. Weinkauf,
I am really really sorry if I perhaps weirded you out when I yelled, "Hi Danny!" across the street. I really don't mean to come off as That Psycho Girl in the Audience, but somehow I am always approaching that boundary.

Yours sincerely,

P.S., Love the red pants. Please wear them always. ♥♥♥

Also, I did not attend the House Painting Maybe Twister Party, primarily because I have to be at work at 9:30 tomorrow. And I work Sunday. Oh, and next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, too. I work 32 damn hours next week, which is 12 more than I asked for, and I know lots of people work and go to school full time but dammit, I've got a lot of work. Oh Arthur, don't think you can sweet talk me and call me "buddy" and think you'll get away with it!
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I am completely in love with the fact that "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" is going to be on DDR Ultramix 3.

Not that I can DDR at all, but still. Somebody out there (not me) will be DDRing to the Johns! :)


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