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Seeing as I pretty much never read DC comics (or any, currently, as I am just too creeped out to go into yon Local Comic Shop all by my female self), this is still news to me, and it's a bit geeky. Just sayin'.


It's a shame she seems a bit of a self-righteous twat!
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After watching Shaun of the Dead last night, I feel the need to share this song with the whole world. :D

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

YAY QUEEN. Love is too weak a word for what I feel--I luuurve it, you know, I loave it, I luff it--two Fs.

I would also like to share this and this and his whole damn journal, really. His is my favorite LJ ever.

AND while I am sharing things! Power Girl (The Classifieds). Notable because (a) the chick playing Peej is hot, and (b) TED AND BOOSTER CAMEO! I THINK I JUST GEEKED OUT ALL OVER MYSELF.
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01) I am early. I hope you know what this means and why it is such an annoyance.
02) The lab smelled like cat pee.
03) I had my 7:10-9:40pm History of Film class and it does indeed feel as late as it is.

But 03 is okay, because I spent the seven hours between classes with Dad and Patti. We went to Savage Mill and ate at Ram's Head Tavern, where I had an awesome sandwich and the waiter was totally cute and also probably 17.

So we wandered into one of the antique shops (quick aside: one of the others had a table and set of two torchieres made with probably gold and TONS of lapis lazuli--were $38,000 and $40,000 respectively and worth more than seven of my cars together), and really this whole post has been leading up to this moment. Amidst thousands of items--jewelry, furniture, more furniture, china, silverware, dolls, elepant teeth--inside a box of comic books, behind a metric ton of Superman and Tomb of Dracula, what do I find?

Brilliant! It really was a phenomenal find, but I wish I could say it was a bargain as well. Original price: 50¢. Jacked-up "antique" price: $30.00! Fortunately I am so wonderful Dad decided he must buy it for me. Or pay for it, because I had pretty much decided I wasn't leaving without it.

Having read it already--and yes, I read it; I was careful, and it's not like I ever intend to sell it--it isn't the most incredible piece of storytelling. Instead it seems like, hey, here's Ted and Vic and don't they work well together, so some random enemy of Ted's decides he wants to kill him and let's throw lasers and falling spikes and trap doors and fire and more lasers and ROBOT SHARKS at them. And oh yeah, let's steal the Bug, too! (Bug: ;_;)

I like that Ted is actually, y'know, competent. DC seems to have forgotten that in recent years.

Anyway. Sorry, boys, can't talk tonight. There's more if you know where to look.
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Right, so I start school tomorrow, and my schedule is absolutely awful, and thus I am really wishing I did not have to go back.

And on my final night of freedom, I present to you why I love Ted Kord, in three panels. )

I love him, why is he dead? ;_;
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AHHH, it looks like "totally starkers" is winning in the Captain Atom poll. :D Of course, this is because I voted for "totally starkers." But he is! Look! No neckline! The absence of genitalia is the only boggling factor, but he is a being of nuclear energy or whatever, so I'm not entirely sure he possesses genitalia anyway.

Oh, Captain Atom, you dirty, dirty boy.

I have not voted on Mister Miracle's poll because honestly, his mask frustrates me that badly. Ironically no one has voted for the most correct answer (New Genesis crap), although one could argue that the third option is equally correct and here I go again. I'm not ruling out "Mexican wrestler," however. Perhaps that is part of the torture that exists on Apokolips--forced servitude as a sweaty, brightly-colored wrestler. Shiny spandex--oh, the humanity!

At work today, I think I met the love of my life. I also (maybe) broke the third register--it totally froze up and the store couldn't close and it's "corrupted," so it tells me, and OH I THINK IT'S MY FAULT. And I also pissed off this stupid whorebitch--HEY WHOREBITCH, look, there is only one of me and Theresa is off doing God knows what and did it really look like I wanted to show this woman EVERY SINGLE BABY-RELATED BOOK IN THE STORE? She just said "books" and "baby" and wtf is that supposed to mean? Books FOR babies? ABOUT babies? FEATURING babies? WRITTEN BY BABIES?? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, OKAY, so I kept telling her to GO TO BARNES AND FUCKING NOBLE but SHE NO LISTEN! MAYBE you could have approached me and said, "I'd like to be rung up now, please," and at least then I could have extricated myself from the metaphorical grasps of this apparently illiterate and/or stupid woman, BUT NO, you have to sit there and make stupid faces at me and make snide remarks to the dude behind you DON'T THINK I DIDN'T HEAR YOU and thank God he was very, very nice because it sort of decreased my feelings of WANT TO KILL YOU.

I hate working on Sundays.

Let me reiterate: I HATE WORKING ON SUNDAYS.

I think I am in the wrong line of work.

So in the past four days, I have been on my feet for at least 25 hours, which doesn't seem like a whole lot, but Friday through today have been seven-consecutive-hour days. AND I had to stay late tonight because of the aforementioned busted register and then the carpet cleaners. And my feet are falling off and I want to take them off and throw them at people.

AND AND my shoulders are peeling, and do you know how hard it is to look at your shoulders so you can see where you're peeling? My eyes are all crosseyed and I'm still itching, dead skin everywhere. :D

But anyway, about this cute boy, he and his Mum came in at like 5 minutes to closing and I waited by the door while Theresa rung them up. They were in a hurry (closing!), so Theresa told her she'd sign the woman up for a Gold Crown Card the next time she came in, and woman said that she probably wouldn't be back in a while, but he (aforementioned cute boy) would, and then I let them out and smiled and AHH.

He's probably gay. ;_____;

Or he probably thinks, "What the hey, this girl is weird and why is her nose all red and splotchy?" It's because I'm peeeeeeeeling. I can't help it. ;_;

Or maybe I am completely insecure.

But hopefully he will come in again, and hopefully none of the above is true (excluding the latter, because we know that is totally true).

*crosses fingers*

*crosses toes*

And to prove I am done bitching, I watched two more JLU episodes and FIRE&ICE CAMEOS up the wazoo. Can they have speaking parts, please? ;_; That's not bitching. That is a polite request. :D

If anyone (coughsamcough) would like to hook me up with the episode "The Greatest Story Never Told," I would just die. In a good way.

Okay, I swear this entry is over.
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A VCR mishap forced me to miss three episodes of JLU, but I caught tonight's, so you'll have to bear with me whilst I geek out.

CAPTAIN MARVEL. Okay, so out of the whole DeMatteis/Giffen lineup, only Beetle is missing*? COME ON. Elongated Man had his little 5 second guest appearance, and Fire and Ice cameosssss. When Cap was walking down the hall high-fiving people, I saw a dude in goggles and I thought OMG TED! before I realized it was Wildcat. Fucking Wildcat!

*As I said before, Guy doesn't count.

Best line:
Bats: You were a little hard on the boy scout, don't you think?
Supes: *pause* I thought I was the boy scout.


Anyway, I pretty much like Captain Marvel (the big red cheese). I wish he would've beaten Superman, though. Superman is a dick.

So the random appearance of Captain Atom got me thinking. I totally don't know the answers to these questions--these, the True Mysteries of the DC Universe!

So I present to you some polls to mess up your friends page.

Mystery, the First

[Poll #547253]

Mystery, the Second

[Poll #547254]

I leave that for you to ponder. G'night!
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Mr. Kord is up to $34.50, and I'm wondering how much I'm really willing to pay for this damn thing. /cry


Jul. 28th, 2005 01:58 am
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Away in his fast motorcar sped the Blue Beetle, leaving the commissioner's daughter on guard over Bugs McGotty and his band of criminals. But close behind him speeds another car, a police car! Will the Blue Beetle be overtaken and unmasked? Ahead, a stop light is changing from green to red! Will the Blue Beetle defy the traffic regulations to avoid discovery? Or will he obey the rules of safe driving?...

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Work was very slow, so for five full minutes I searched the Gold Crown database for superhero names. For the record, there have been no Graysons at our store, but there were several Rayners, and one B. Gordon. Suspicious.
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So I have recently become totally enamored with Justice League Unlimited since about 10:30 this evening. And my heart is gladdened to see practically ALL of the Giffen/DeMatteis-era Justice League present and accounted for: Bats, J'onn, Black Canary, (Huntress? Supes? WW?), Captain Atom, Maxwell Lord (!) (you bastard!) (though it's not your fault you were illogically retconned), Elongated Man (!), Fire (!), Ice (!), [ETA: Mr. Miracle, Big Barda [was she actually a member?], Dr. Light, Dr. Fate, Captain Marvel, Oberon,] and BOOSTER, OH MAN, I need to see that episode. (We ignore the absence of Guy Gardner because John Stewart is GL in JLU, although Guy is such a cartoon on his own, you'd think he'd be a perfect fit.) I'm probably forgetting somebody. OH! Power Girl, or Galatea, whatever they call her on there. I dunno if G/D ever wrote her in their Justice League but I dig her. She is bosomy.


And that makes Nicki sad. I understand that the rights to Beetle (from his RADIO SHOW AGH) haven't run out yet, but I'm so afraid JLU is going to end before they do, and I'll never get to see Blue&Gold in action on my teevee.

I don't know why I made this post, other than to say look what I nicked from ComiX-Fan!

Booster is so awesome.

Also, Blue Beetle/Power Girl OTP! I just alienated all the Boostle fans. :D
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For future reference:

Kyle Rayner's address is 175 Bleecker Street (New York, NY, etc.).

This is for when I go to New York next. I am so going to take a picture of Green Lantern's apartment. :D

& I really need a dropdown menu for my tags.
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Two really awesome links before my eyes fall out of their sockets:

01. I wish I had thought of this. Sam! That's what we'll do when you're out here. When the con is over, we'll go disperse the question blocks.

02. I totally wish I'd had this room growing up. Some relatively obscure ones in there, too--Magik? Cloak and Dagger? Crystal? ICEMAN! Wow. And I love little Poison Ivy standing next to little Cap, who's got this great smug look on his face. :D

Help, I'm a nerd.


Jun. 22nd, 2005 11:24 pm
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The Tick is coming back to TV! In reruns, I suppose, but hey! Why wasn't I notified of this sooner??


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