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Argh, so many things!

Part One: In which I am not stalked.

  • April 11, 11:47am

Another phone call on Friday, as soon as I left the room to go to the bathroom. Bryan and Jeremy opted not to answer it, fearing my wrath. Unbeknownst to me, Jeremy called me 3 minutes later via Skype, which also shows up "unavailable," and I spent a full 30 seconds talking on speakerphone before I realized that it was just echoing back everything I said. Then I hit him.

  • April 14, 12:14am

I answered it! A momentary hesitation, a la a telemarketer, and then: "Is N...Novo Eric* there?" I told them it was a wrong number, and they haven't called back. I guess it was a telemarketer after all. Is it wrong that I'm disappointed it wasn't something weirder?

*I have no idea what name she said. That is what it sounded like.

Part Two: In which I make research posters marginally less boring.

At the last minute, I pulled something magical out of my ass for NIH's Spring Research Festival program cover competition (whew).


I didn't think I would win, frankly, since it's a bit more "rock poster" than they normally go for, but I did (this may or may not be because there were no other submissions)! And I get a prize, apparently, but who knows when that will be. I keep joking that it'll probably be something I'll have no use for, like a certificate for a free box of mice.

Part Three: In which I lose track of the days and forget IMPORTANT THINGS!

Holy Cats, Rachel and Jason! In my research poster-induced haze, time slipped by and I neglected to wish you a


In celebration I have assembled for you a Muxtape. Er, mixtape. Er, a bunch of songs I hand-picked. :)

Anyway, please accept my tardy congratulations on making it a whole year. The first of many!
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I'm kind of obsessed with this song right now. D:

And... Okay.

  • April 4 12:22pm
  • April 7 12:27pm
  • April 8 12:29pm*
  • April 9 12:25pm
  • April 10 12:15pm

These are all the times in the past week I've gotten some weird phone call from an "unavailable" number. Except for the 8th, which was "restricted," and when I answered it, I was disconnected right away. Sometimes when they call I'm out of the room, but even when I have it with me, for some reason I don't hear it--maybe it's not ringing. But look at the times--they're all between 12:15 and 12:30. Maybe someone is bored on their lunch break. It's sort of pissing me off, either way. D:
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As promised, your stalker story )

The cover story, for the record: Casey Ackerman, Loyola, psychology major.

Art and Dave are completely awesome and I can't believe I got paid $10 an hour to make/listen to dirty jokes and throw around paper airplanes.
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Wasting time before work, and I'll elaborate later, but


I have another stalker. How the hell did he find me, agahahskjhfjf. Do I have a sign on my forehead??


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