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I have the best not-boyfiend EVER.




(main gallery with more details is here; also this)

(Day Two of the First Week of October.)

He told me last night that he had something for me that was even better than the PoTC Magic 8 Ball Skull thing (Happy Meal toy?) he gave me, and that was pretty awesome, so I was excited to see what it was.


I could not contain my giddiness. I wanted to run around and show the whole world that I HAVE A WALKING TEAPOT. I took it to class with me and smiled everytime I thought about my teapot and the smile on his face when he saw how happy I was.

Then I went back to my car and found out someone had sideswiped the passenger side. Seeing as I usually drive alone, I'm not often on the passenger side to check it out. It probably happened over the weekend, because the scrape pattern on the hubcap wasn't lined up with the scrapes on the door. Bastard! I wish I could find out who did it so I could punch them in the head.

Still: Walking. Teapot. Hooray!

"In an open-air sporting arena, a piping-hot 32-ounce bag of urine might go unnoticed..."
David Sedaris reading his essay on the Stadium Pal. Hilarious.

And I ran into Frank this morning and he told me he was just thinking of me. I was flattered for a second and asked why. [Backstory: In May when I was rendering my final project and it was taking FOREVER, and all of the other computers were locked up so I couldn't leave it, I passed the time by playing 80s music videos for everyone off of YouTube.] Frank said he was driving to school and You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) had come on, and it reminded him of me. To think I'd live to see the day when I am associated with transexuals in purple velvet muumuus and eyepatches terrible dancing! pink cardigans cheesy 80s music only the worst 80s video ever.

Frank had a point, though: Dude's got a great voice anyway.
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This will have to hold you over for now. (I suggest using the Bird's Eye Views.)

"I'm going to the washroom, if you don't mind." <leaves, comes back>
"Now it's my turn to use the--what were we calling it, the shitter?"

My SIGGRAPH hero, ladies and gentlemen.
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Today I have several things that I did NOT have this time yesterday.

01. My awesome Saucs! Saucs get the rstevens seal of approval.
02. A hideous toothache. Does not respond to cold/heat/flossing/biting down on it, but it DOES give me random spasms of pain down into my jaw. I THINK I HAVE A CAVITY, O FRABJOUS DAY!
03. This one is best described visually.

Cut for the foot-phobic. )

"It might be a tumor."

Yeah, well, it could be an aneurysm, in my toe!

At this time tomorrow, I'll be on my way to Boston, so this is probably the last post you'll get from me for a week.

...Or ever, should some horrible fate befall me in Beantown. :D

Be good, kids!
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I got into SIGGRAPH! :O


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