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What could be better than having a gross cold and maybe getting your period on Christmas??? I ASK YOU!
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Whoops, this was from last week )

That's what I started to write last week. Then my browser crashed and it looked like I had lost the draft. But here it is again! Anyway, I'm better. I've gradually been eating more and more since it worked its way out of my system, and I think I lost 5 pounds or so. Best diet ever! No, I'm kidding. It was awful. (Not gonna complain about the weight loss, though.)

Well, anyway. Last night--after already driving the 30 or so miles from J's house to my grandparents', I then got guilt-tripped into driving back down to my apartment, an hour away, to meet Jeremy and some friends [Matt and Steffi] for an outing in Georgetown. All told, it was fun, although I didn't like college kids when I was in college, and I REALLY don't like them now. Anyway, we dropped Matt and Steffi off, and Jeremy and I drove back up Connecticut to Silver Spring. He's been listening to Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! a lot lately, and a new song started up and he said, "This is our song. Well, maybe it's my song."

Would I know? )

Naturally I cried.

Before we both passed out in my apartment, I asked him one more time if he really meant it, and he said (as he was falling asleep), "Yeah. It's like, in the song, the...stumbles and...led me to someone like you... No, not 'someone like you.' You."

And then he was asleep and I cried all over his arm.

Anyway. A++++, would date again.
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So uh, hey, LJ.

Today I had a sucky day. It isn't often that I just feel sucky all day, but today I sort of did.

Well, let me first start with the OH MY GOD TWO BLIZZARDS IN FIVE DAYS. It kept the federal government closed from Monday to Thursday, which cost taxpayers like $350 million dollars. Sorry, guys, our winters average 18" of snowfall--we were not prepared for the 4-feet-plus that we got over the past week (DC and Baltimore broke their seasonal averages with 75" and 79.9" respectively). So Jeremy and I were holed up in my apartment for the past week, sitting on our asses, and not really working (although I wish I had been, now I have to make up hours (shit)), while I also dealt with a cold that I apparently got from eating snow (according to my grandmother). Monday evening, while trying to park my car at my apartment amidst WALLS of snow, I got my car stuck on a chunk of frozen snow and ice and had to enlist several nice neighbors (including one with a delightful Australian accent (he said "whereabouts"! hee hee)) to help dig me out. So fucking embarrassing.

And it is going to snow AGAIN on Monday/Tuesday. NO NO NO. Foot's Forecast puts it at 6". (National Weather Service says...I can't even bear to process all of that.) Let me stress to you that there is literally nowhere else to put this snow. We are maxed out.

But back to today. Today was sucky because (after I woke up with toothpaste in my hair, wtf) Adobe fucked me hard and left me a broken woman. Evidently you can't install programs from two different Creative Suite packages, with two different license keys, because now I get a lovely message telling me that my licenses are fucked and I need to reinstall. This is for programs that I've had installed for 2.5, 3 years? That I use every day? It makes me want to pull my hair out and weep blood.

And I can't back it up with Time Machine because I thoughtlessly (!) deleted a bunch of backups from 2008-2009 (who fucking knew) and now my backups are probably worthless.

And then I almost got rear-ended on the way to my grandparents' house, because some twats forgot to let everyone know they were blocking the right lane for snow removal.

And then I did this: (gj, nichole)

So....yeah, it's been a crap day.

The only good thing? J found a house he'd like to buy and asked me, "Would you maybe be interested in co-habitating with me if I buy this place?" (lol nerd) No idea if he'll be able to afford it, and to be honest, I have reservations about leaving my little fortress of solitude (anyone know how hard it is to copy a "Do Not Duplicate" key? Do they really care?). But it is awesome that he asked; I guess being stuck with me all week has convinced him I'm not that bad to be stuck with. Although I probably discouraged him by going all shithouse when my Adobe stuff stopped working. Sorry again, J, I am mental.

Anyway. Better tomorrow, I hope.
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It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a listen to "The Ice of Boston."

Has it really been a year since I had that freaky egg dream?

Well, anyway.

I'm at work, dicking around while I print up a multitude of DVD covers, badly (WHYYYyyyy is the green still smudging, how much drying time does it need anyway), and I thought maybe I should write at least one more post in 2008. I never write about Christmas, despite the fact that it's my favorite time of year (how clichè, I know). This Christmas was largely uneventful but still wonderful in that I got to spend that night sitting on the couch and laughing with my grandfather at his new Victor Borge DVDs, playing on his new DVD player (yes, my grandparents are several years behind the times). I don't know how many more years he'll be around.

We missed going to Valley View Farms this year, which still isn't sitting well with me. I feel like--like I didn't do Christmas right this year. I guess it could be said that I usually feel that way, that I didn't take the time to really experience it, and now it'll be another year before I can do it again. Now I have to trudge through January and February (sorry Allie, but I hate these two months) and then the rest of the year, and I guess after the shitfest that was most of this year, I'm cautiously pessimistic about 2009.

And my allergies have been in full swing since Jeremy made me go to his "outlaws'" and forgot they have two cats.

But there is a par-tay tonight and I will be there in a pretty dress and sparkly shoes and my grandmother's jewelry, and if that isn't pimpformalchic I don't know what is.

In better news, my brother is finished with his radiation today, I think, and then I think he gets one more PET scan, and then we are pretty much finished! His hair is coming back in already; I think he's afraid it'll be blond.

In lieu of a retrospective, here are some songs I liked a lot (and were released or I discovered them--) this year. (Sorry for the ads, I tried to get rid of them but it just made everything ugly.)

King Dead

This entry sounds a lot more morose than I'm actually feeling. Look, here are some smilies to prove I'm OK:
:D :D :D :D 8D :) :B

(>._.)> <(._.<) (>._.)> <(._.<)
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(apologies to Jupiter Images, this really belongs to them.)
(also, I know this as an "egg on an island," but I've also heard it referred to as an "egg/bird in a basket," and on an episode of Northern Exposure, Shelly mentioned a variant involving cheese called a "One-Eyed Jack.")

I have had a fucking awful cold since Sunday, maybe Saturday, so I've been miserable and whiny and doped up on the Advil Cold & Sinus. I must have gotten a bad pill last night, because I woke up at about 3 or 4 in the morning with a horrible image in my head. It was an old tv set, playing sequential, closeup stills of a fork mercilessly tearing apart an egg on an island. Yolk flying everywhere, egg-covered fork glinting menacingly. The stills were played slowly at first, each image lingering on the tv for a few seconds, but gradually they sped up to an insane speed, which I think is what really freaked me out.* It wasn't something I had been dreaming about; this was an image that was with me just as I woke up. And I just lay there, utterly terrified by this egg massacre, with a very strange familiar feeling, like this was something that had frightened me when I was little and I had repressed it and not thought about it since.

I glanced over at Jeremy, who was sound asleep. I didn't want to wake him up just because I was hallucinating scary eggs, so I closed my eyes to go back to sleep--and all I could see were horrible, white, cartoony faces with big black eyes staring back at me from my eyelids. I opened them again, stared around the room, thought of eggs, tried desperately not to think of eggs, closed my eyes, saw scary faces, and thought, How will I ever get back to sleep if I can't close my eyes?

I did, eventually, but I can't explain to you the sheer terror I felt in those few minutes when I was tormented by thoughts of eggs.

*Having just listened to "There's No Earthly Way of Knowing" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, there's a similar freaky buildup in that as well.

Anyway, Happy New Year. :D
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Sigh. I want to be a rock star.

rock stars don't have to deal with MASSIVE! hayfever or drop $300 on their cars tomorrow because their tires are worn down to the rims.

I have the material for the Awesome sneezesneezesneeze Jem Costume, and it's a bit darker than the cartoon but I don't care, it is beautiful and spangly and with a costume like this, can you really overdo the spangle? You can't. POP STAR.

Somebody had better have a party for all of this.

Anyway, I think I'm getting sick again?

And also:


I am all out of penguin gifs. Next year you're just getting the Carlton Dance.
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Okay, Jeremy, you bastard, you totally got me sick.

Nicki: next time someone says, "HEY, I'M SICK," i am just gonna say, "OKAY, GO STAND OVER THERE."
Sam: instead of "KISS ME!"?
Nicki: basically
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Sam is in the air somewhere at the moment, and I believe I have a cold, either from renegade allergies or from one of the unwashed masses at Otakon (ah, memories of the Otakon flu). Oh, nerds! Would it kill you to take a shower?

I am eyeing One Piece Grand Battle 3, like I honestly have any money left after this weekend--OH WAIT, I DO, because someone is stubborn and kept giving it to me.

Thank you, by the way!
PS, I owe you this and the Fine Print, OK.

I am surprisingly incoherent this morning; probably exhausted myself this weekend from all the not shutting up ever.



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