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It is a hobo name.

For my birthday, Mum got me The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman, whom you may know as the PC in the Apple commercials, or, if you're a TMBG nerd like me, as the Deranged Millionaire.

Anyway, it's hilarious. It's like an almanac, but it's all bizarre bullshit. But I thought this bit was funny for different reasons (sorry, I know there's a no-reproduction thing, but it's free advertisement, no? And I have nothing better to do anyway).

Here is your TL;DR warning. )

We can all see why that is particularly funny.

I am exhausted.

Also, some lovely bands I experienced this evening:
Judd & Maggie
Exit Clov

Also, I graduated!
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To be lame and quote myself:



I can't talk about it.

Also, it may interest all of you to know that I am graduating magna cum laude. Hee! I'm not bragging, I'm just pissed that I didn't get summa proud of myself. :)
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This is what my brother&Co. do for fun.

They also make...uh, movies (or "movies"). (The Doom House influence is clear, I think.) Dan, for reference, is the one carrying the boombox, who isn't blond/doesn't wear glasses/makes all the stupid faces. (THAT is what I have to live with every day. We attribute it to my mother hitting him in the head with a bucket when he was little.) I apologize if these offend your sensibilities or gray matter.
FUN FACT: The Pallbearer was shot in the ghetto fabulous Fine Arts bldg. It's like you're there with me!

I am running on very little sleep and the remnants of a cold and I think my internal organs are suffering for it. I might regret posting this later (just foreseeing a lot of, "Holy shit, your brother is a moron" :D).

& there's, which is exactly what it sounds like, which I shall be doing shortly, except without the "jump" part.

O! Sweet Sleep.
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So I checked my school email today (I never check it) and among the spam from senders like Leprosy U. Incineration was one from the professor, I guess, of the PHED class I was signed up for. It's only for student atheletes! I'm not one of those! Oops. So I had to drop it. Now I have Tuesday, Thursday, AND Friday off. What is that about?

I think I'm in the 3-D class okay. It is absolutely filled to capacity. This department is in such a state of disarray that they can't fit in more than one section, so we're all just kind of crammed in here together. Oh well? I hope IK doesn't kill me, I would hate that.

Tim's rib is still intact; they haven't even contacted him about getting it out yet. I know absolutely no one cares about that but me!

And my earbuds are kind of uncomfortable.

Now I'm off to have a conversation. Ahem.
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Okay. A dilemma.

So I managed to squeeze into my animation classes, but I've got to completely learn both AfterEffects and Maya, which is a bitch in itself. I've kept the late-night lecture class because I need to have ONE class where I won't be doing project after project (you start to miss the days when all you had to do was show up and take notes). And I have my RUNNING CLASS! (Because I already know how to run, although those of you who have seen me in action might debate that.) That's four classes, 10.5 credits (PE classes are 1.5 each).

I dropped Visual Concepts III, because I heard repeatedly last semester that it's a bitch of a class. That left me with one more class to drop, and I had to choose between B&W Photography and Interactivity. I know a bit about photography already, but the class is crowded (with three photo majors on the hold list and non-major me taking up space) and getting in to use the facilities is going to be hard. There's also the matter of the field trips, at least one of which is in Washington, DC. And she's not providing transportation. Which means I have to hitch a ride with a complete stranger. Or I'll have to drive myself, and DC is a thousand times worse to drive in than Baltimore, which gives me a heart attack on its own (and that's not even counting parallel parking).

The other option is Interactivity, which utilizes Flash in wed design and games and (most importantly for me) animations. I'd really like to put Flash experience on my resume, but honestly I don't know if I'm going to be able to completely learn three programs in a semester and utilize them well enough to excel. The syllabus is insane. Projects out the ass. I figured this would be the class I'd keep, but whoa, not after seeing that.

The animation classes are most important, and I can't let an elective screw those up for me.

So. I am dropping both. I know this leaves me at 10.5 credits (not even full-time) but I have to maintain my sanity, while staying gainfully employed so I can pay for the car and the gas it takes to even GET to school.

I don't want to do this. The full-time status is necessary to stay on my Dad's health care plan, and I'm paranoid that once I'm part-time, something will happen and I'll need to go to the doctor or something and they'll find out that OMG, not full time anymore! DENIED. And also insurance fraud. :D (I already sent them the enrollment verification letter that says I'm full-time.) But I can't do this, I can't do all three studio classes at once, and I know they're going to be evil and time consuming because they are HARD and TWO studios beat the hell out of me in spring.

This is what I'm doing. I am dropping both. I have to, and I have to get it out and rationalize it and justify it five times before I decide that yes, it's okay now, and it's going to be okay.

It's going to be okay, Nichole.


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