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God, do I hate government bureaucratic red tape bullshit.

Also: talking to strangers on the phone. My new measure of how much I hate something is by comparing it to throwing up, as in "I would rather throw up than do x." I would rather throw up than talk to strangers on the phone.

Also also: When I am driving to/from work, I am just trying to get from point A to point B with as little stress as possible. I do not need to be leered at by unshaven, unwashed rednecks or round-faced 14-year-old little kids.

My question, then, is for the ladies (although I suppose dudes can answer, too):

[Poll #1007338]

I feel like flipping them off is too much of a provocation. :/

ETA, mostly to Joel: Rolling my eyes would work, but I am usually wearing sunglasses. :<
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True story. Well, sort of. Minus the wings.

Enter Ye Olde Linda and Nicki Are Quitting Like Right Now Conspiracy.

It's more than that I am a miserable salesperson (I really, really am). It's more than that Connie is a bitch. It's more than that John is a huge asshole. It's that I suck and that John and Connie are assholes together, and the fact that John is constantly talking shit about Linda, who is my friend, and has never ONCE done a fucking thing to anyone except warn people that Connie is a bitch and not to let her fuck you over.

It's Connie blaming the gross misspellings in the customer database on Linda, when we all know Connie can't even spell "states." Or "Arthur." I can't tell you how many instances of "King Auther Court" I've seen.

(Not to mention that when she finagled a WH account out of me when I first started (my SECOND DAY), she spelled both my first and last names wrong.

It's John promising this poor woman that he would order a watch for her, and my having to apologize and cover for him because he never got back to her. I don't know what all he's done, she's not even my customer, and I am not apologizing for anyone else's bullshit anymore.

It's me always getting stuck working 12-hour shifts because someone calls out. Fuck this, honestly. I am not doing it again. Period. Or I quit, right on the spot.

It's Connie pouring more water into the ultrasonic machine instead of, I dunno, cleaning out the crud that has accumulated in the bottom of it.

It's Connie calling me over from 10+ feet away, where I was busy doing something, to get something out of a drawer that was maybe two feet away from her.

It's Alison installing the new copier/fax machine and Connie taking all the credit for it (and John GIVING it to her) (like Connie even knows how to spell "fax").

It's Connie padding her transaction totals.

It's Connie STILL swiping everyone's sales.

It's John swiping Christina's $100 sale.

It's John swiping my returns.

It's John's terrible halitosis.

It's John letting Connie get away with riding the clock and everything else because she "does a lot for [him]."

It's the Secret Cabinet bullshit (Alison: "John, I was cleaning out these cabinets, but I can't open this one with my keys." John: "No, you can't.").

It's standing for five hours in silence with John and seriously contemplating pretending to pass out so I can go home.

It's John staring at Alison's chest.

It's...shit, Alison told us something really amazing today and I've completely forgotten it.

Ah, well, I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

The last two jobs I poked at had already been filled (thus I was angry) (and it sucks being angry where you can't post to LJ about it. /emo tear By the time I get home, I'm not pissed anymore).

But it's okay, at the very least I've got a backup. I think Cobra Commander and the Marquis de Brock Samson might give me an in.

Also, I love Jon Benjamin forever and ever and ever.
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I am possibly in the worst mood I have been in since--God, I can't even remember. So. Angry. I thought I would throw up.

Of course, it helps tremendously that I am an emotional trainwreck because of everything that's been going on lately.

I seriously considered taking someone up on an offer, but while my foresight isn't all that wonderful, I can at least see that it wouldn't end well. Maybe when I'm in a better frame of mind. Maybe not.

See also Motion City Soundtrack + L.G. Fuad
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Can we just do some quick math here:

4/5/06:   4   x 10   = 40*
4/6/06:   7.5 x 7.25 = 54.38**
4/7/06:   7.5 x 7.25 = 54.38**
4/8/06:   7.5 x 10   = 75*
4/9/06:   7.5 x 10   = 75*

Total: $298.76 (before taxes). Ka-CHING.
Total hours (counting breaks): 34
Total hours (not counting breaks, because honestly, I'm still stuck there for that half hour): 36
* Whitehall
** Hallmark (last regular day was 4/7, and Thursday we got hit for candles again!)

That said: My feet hurt.

And while that would have made a nice note on which to end the post, I do have to say this: CONNIE, Thou Who Hast No Redeeming Qualities, how am I supposed to sell ANYTHING or process credit apps if I don't have an employee number? I can't even CLOCK IN YET. Also, if I am not supposed to show diamonds yet because I'm new, it would be cool if you maybe told me personally. Telling Linda is all well and good but, you know, I do have two perfectly good ears of my own. She did that Wednesday, too; talked to Linda about what I would be doing while I was sitting right there, but never actually addressing me. I really don't like that.

But other than that, it's cool, and all that math up there makes it even more obvious how much that extra $2.75 is adding up.

And I like this song a lot, mostly for the background bits.


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