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Oct. 8th, 2009 10:27 pm
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Oh, and. Here's some stuff I have enjoyed recently.

01. Department of Eagles - "No One Does It Lie You"

So strange and beautiful and creepy. I love the ghosts. (My favorite moments come in at 1:36 and 3:04 and 3:50. I would deep-link but I'd rather you just watch the whole thing.)

02. Yesterday I discovered Moving Pictures by the wonderful Kathryn and Stuart Immonen. It is amazing how much he can convey with such clean, simple artwork.

My favorite panel out of all 134 pages so far.

Pill #2 tonight! Chom chom chom.
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Le Grand Content, a very clever/funny/bittersweet video full of charts and graphs and Venn diagrams that I wish I had made. [via Kottke]

Seriously, LJ, when will you give me a dropdown menu for my tags? :(
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This is what my brother&Co. do for fun.

They also make...uh, movies (or "movies"). (The Doom House influence is clear, I think.) Dan, for reference, is the one carrying the boombox, who isn't blond/doesn't wear glasses/makes all the stupid faces. (THAT is what I have to live with every day. We attribute it to my mother hitting him in the head with a bucket when he was little.) I apologize if these offend your sensibilities or gray matter.
FUN FACT: The Pallbearer was shot in the ghetto fabulous Fine Arts bldg. It's like you're there with me!

I am running on very little sleep and the remnants of a cold and I think my internal organs are suffering for it. I might regret posting this later (just foreseeing a lot of, "Holy shit, your brother is a moron" :D).

& there's, which is exactly what it sounds like, which I shall be doing shortly, except without the "jump" part.

O! Sweet Sleep.
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Meanwhile, I am a terrible person.

And I didn't think senioritis happened in college--not sure why I decided college students should be immune--but here I think I've got it.

And in lieu of any actual update (not that I have nothing to say (believe me, there's plenty), but I'm afraid it'll get me smacked), here's some stuff.
01. BLDGBLOG: Fallingwater, Half-Life style.
02. BLDGBLOG: Container Home Kits; I would totally live in one of these.
03. BLDGBLOG: Landscapes of "a world gone wrong."

And the main event!
04. Mary Worth*, live-action, in a manner of speaking. It's kind of creepy. Disconcerting, at least.
*I am probably the only person I know who's ever regularly read Mary Worth. I read it because it's fucking ridiculous, and actually, the stalker storyline lately has been hilarious.

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I think I accidentally dooced myself.*

*Not in the strict sense because hey, it's not like I have a job to lose, but in the sense of the existence of this lj maybe fucking something up?

But rather than actually expound on that, I am going to retreat back into my time-honored tradition of being annoyingly ambiguous and you're all just going to have to deal with that.

On Tuesday I drove out to Thurmont, MD, where my brother and the other ¬°Two Amigos! had set up camp and then realized that they wouldn't be able to carry everything home (I had helped take it up), nor would they be able to find home, despite my giving him directions, because he had his sense of direction amputated at birth. So under the pretense of being a nice sister, I set out for some campin'; i.e. accidentally hiking for 1.5 miles in flip-flops and then getting chased by a bee.

The other thing is that there wasn't room in the tent for me, or if there was, it would probably be bad for a nubile young thing such as myself to be sleeping in such close quarters with boys. (That is the first and last time I will ever refer to myself as a nubile anything.)

So I--I slept in the car.

Let me say this: As uncomfortable as it sounds to sleep in the backseat of one's car, it's about ten times worse. I am not a tall girl--5'6" if I'm being generous, and anyone who's met me in person will tell you I'm not terribly big in general. Hell, Jeremy once referred to me as "petite" (which is inaccurate but still flattering, so I'll take it and not complain). And my car is of the midsize sedan variety ("I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!"), so it's reasonably roomy. And yet I write this in amazement that my legs did not suffer any permament disfigurement from being crammed into the backseat.

In any case I've forgotten where I was going with this.

Can I distract you with some links?
Best lj post ever?
I probably laughed harder at this than I should have. (And this, from the comments.)
Also this (and this).
I Love Richard Cheese. I think it might actually be true (if listening to the "I'd Like A Virgin" song clip is any indication).

OH RIGHT, that's what I wanted to ask. To my astonishment I've been craving a lot of house/trance music tonight.

Sam: my god, are you okay?
Nicki: i--i think i JUST WANNA DANCE

Is there anything along the lines of Armand van Helden that anyone would recommend? On the trance side, I decided that I really like ATB. Just, you know. If anyone knows. I've never really ventured into this realm of music before so I'm kind of just going by whose name I like best (I'm ashamed to admit that that's how I voted in Loyola's SGA elections freshman year).

PS, because Sam is awesome and I am technically inept, he hooked me up with an RSS feed of my VOX thinger, just in case anyone is terribly interested (I know you are!). Also, I have two (2) invites to give out to whoever wants one. :3
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Freakazoid loses his shit.

Here's a secret: I used to have a crush on Freakzoid. YES, IT'S TRUE. I guess the red tights and Bride of Frankenstein hair do it for me, or something.

Also: Huggbees! And Freakazoid takes a long tumble. Or several.

The hippie (?) across the hall at work lit some incense that smelled like baby powder and it gave me a monster headache. I'm tired and I'm going to bed.
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After watching Shaun of the Dead last night, I feel the need to share this song with the whole world. :D

Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

YAY QUEEN. Love is too weak a word for what I feel--I luuurve it, you know, I loave it, I luff it--two Fs.

I would also like to share this and this and his whole damn journal, really. His is my favorite LJ ever.

AND while I am sharing things! Power Girl (The Classifieds). Notable because (a) the chick playing Peej is hot, and (b) TED AND BOOSTER CAMEO! I THINK I JUST GEEKED OUT ALL OVER MYSELF.
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[ profile] bestweekever has gone totally batshit on my flist. Celebrity spam! o_o is really awesome, BTW, if you haven't seen it yet. I kind of want to give everybody a hug now.

And thank you, Caleb. Three pictures into that and I'm scarred for life. Holy MacShit.


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