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So, it looks like I'm employed for a little while longer. I was starting to look forward to a government shutdown because it would force us to take some time off and get some shit done around here, but Reid and Boehner pulled something out of their asses at literally the eleventh hour, so we all got to go back to work.

Jeremy and I still took off today just to have some quality time together, so we went down to DC and poked around in a few gardens (both sculpture and botanical) and the Air and Space Museums. Now my feet ache. He, for some reason, is still out there shoveling stone for our drainage pipe, even though he should be too sore to move after shoveling stone for most of the day yesterday.

Oh my God, my feet hurt. And my lip is twitchy! And writing this on the iPad is making for all sorts of weird typos, which I think I've been catching as I go, but I'm not perfect, so watch out for inexplicable mentions of goats and whatnot.

I am also excited because I got my oil changed and my tires rotated! By an honest mechanic! Hurrah! Being an adult is pretty boring. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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Sufjan was AWESOME. More about that later!

Also, this happened. )
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Whoops, this was from last week )

That's what I started to write last week. Then my browser crashed and it looked like I had lost the draft. But here it is again! Anyway, I'm better. I've gradually been eating more and more since it worked its way out of my system, and I think I lost 5 pounds or so. Best diet ever! No, I'm kidding. It was awful. (Not gonna complain about the weight loss, though.)

Well, anyway. Last night--after already driving the 30 or so miles from J's house to my grandparents', I then got guilt-tripped into driving back down to my apartment, an hour away, to meet Jeremy and some friends [Matt and Steffi] for an outing in Georgetown. All told, it was fun, although I didn't like college kids when I was in college, and I REALLY don't like them now. Anyway, we dropped Matt and Steffi off, and Jeremy and I drove back up Connecticut to Silver Spring. He's been listening to Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! a lot lately, and a new song started up and he said, "This is our song. Well, maybe it's my song."

Would I know? )

Naturally I cried.

Before we both passed out in my apartment, I asked him one more time if he really meant it, and he said (as he was falling asleep), "Yeah. It's like, in the song, the...stumbles and...led me to someone like you... No, not 'someone like you.' You."

And then he was asleep and I cried all over his arm.

Anyway. A++++, would date again.
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Poor Jeremy! I sort of have wedding fever. I have found so many beautiful hairpiece/headband thingies on Etsy and I want them alllllll and I am so bummed that they'll be gone by the time I do get married. :(
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So uh, hey, LJ.

Today I had a sucky day. It isn't often that I just feel sucky all day, but today I sort of did.

Well, let me first start with the OH MY GOD TWO BLIZZARDS IN FIVE DAYS. It kept the federal government closed from Monday to Thursday, which cost taxpayers like $350 million dollars. Sorry, guys, our winters average 18" of snowfall--we were not prepared for the 4-feet-plus that we got over the past week (DC and Baltimore broke their seasonal averages with 75" and 79.9" respectively). So Jeremy and I were holed up in my apartment for the past week, sitting on our asses, and not really working (although I wish I had been, now I have to make up hours (shit)), while I also dealt with a cold that I apparently got from eating snow (according to my grandmother). Monday evening, while trying to park my car at my apartment amidst WALLS of snow, I got my car stuck on a chunk of frozen snow and ice and had to enlist several nice neighbors (including one with a delightful Australian accent (he said "whereabouts"! hee hee)) to help dig me out. So fucking embarrassing.

And it is going to snow AGAIN on Monday/Tuesday. NO NO NO. Foot's Forecast puts it at 6". (National Weather Service says...I can't even bear to process all of that.) Let me stress to you that there is literally nowhere else to put this snow. We are maxed out.

But back to today. Today was sucky because (after I woke up with toothpaste in my hair, wtf) Adobe fucked me hard and left me a broken woman. Evidently you can't install programs from two different Creative Suite packages, with two different license keys, because now I get a lovely message telling me that my licenses are fucked and I need to reinstall. This is for programs that I've had installed for 2.5, 3 years? That I use every day? It makes me want to pull my hair out and weep blood.

And I can't back it up with Time Machine because I thoughtlessly (!) deleted a bunch of backups from 2008-2009 (who fucking knew) and now my backups are probably worthless.

And then I almost got rear-ended on the way to my grandparents' house, because some twats forgot to let everyone know they were blocking the right lane for snow removal.

And then I did this: (gj, nichole)

So....yeah, it's been a crap day.

The only good thing? J found a house he'd like to buy and asked me, "Would you maybe be interested in co-habitating with me if I buy this place?" (lol nerd) No idea if he'll be able to afford it, and to be honest, I have reservations about leaving my little fortress of solitude (anyone know how hard it is to copy a "Do Not Duplicate" key? Do they really care?). But it is awesome that he asked; I guess being stuck with me all week has convinced him I'm not that bad to be stuck with. Although I probably discouraged him by going all shithouse when my Adobe stuff stopped working. Sorry again, J, I am mental.

Anyway. Better tomorrow, I hope.
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Four years. On Monday it will have been four years since Jeremy kissed me and so began...

That is sparkly, but you can only see it on my page, until I feel like editing it to make it an inline style. SORRY. GOSH.
I fixed it, even though the web designer in me is screaming. Enjoy your damn sparkles.

Heh. Really, though, four years is a long time--and yet, hardly any time at all. In the same amount of time from now, I will be...THIRTY. (Can you tell I've been dwelling on this a bit in the past few weeks?) Hopefully he and I will still be chugging along together.

Anyway, we haven't decided what to do for l'anniversaire de l'amour, but it will have to be something cheap. D: The constraints of time and daylight and weather make it a bit more difficult (why couldn't he have made a move in early October?).

Four years. Really. Huh. Maybe it's an unrecognized blessing that I don't feel nearly as old as I really am?

Also I finally got to Angra Mainyu in FFX-2 and after an hour I KICKED ITS ASS. My proudest moment.
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Yesterday we did this:

(Faces mosaic-ed because I don't like publicly posting people's pictures (alliteration!) without their knowledge (except for Horse Teeth).)

(Also, that is a knife handle, not a penis (thanks, Caleb).)

The Burger of Death was consumed in honor of Tim's birthday and Bryan's last day with us (which was Monday) (sad, least this is an end to all the dramarama). No forced perspective here--that thing is 9lbs of meat, 15lbs altogether (with the bun and lettuce and tomatoes and onions and MOJO SAUCE). I had a relatively small slice and was still hurting from it hours I sat in my office working until almost 8pm. Then I went home, took a two hour break, and worked from 10:30 to 12:30. Got to bed at 1:00am. Got up at 7:45. Worked nonstop today trying to put the Annual Report together. I almost had an aneurysm last night fighting with the printer (we have an abusive relationship). I AM SO TIRED

And I never want to think about the Annual Report again (but I will).

On top of everything, J went to San Diego this weekend for the American Society for Cell Biology, and I am Not Well Pleased (I loves Sambiego). He has very specific instructions to have no fun whatsoever, but I am still bummed that he gets to be there (albeit stuck in science talks all day). Le sigh.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that I changed my LJ layout for the first time in...two? three? years. Yay laziness. :D

That is all. As you were.
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I suppose it is worth mentioning in here, for the recollection of my future self, that this is the week in which Ed McMachon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson died. Today I checked Twitteriffic and learned that Billy Mays, master pitchman and possessor of one epic beard, has also passed. What in the nine hells? If we go back a few weeks we can also include David Carradine in this macabre little club. Rob Cockerham might be right about celebrities not dying in threes--we're well over three now. Now it's getting creepy. Who's next, Patrick Swayze? (I'm sorry, Patrick Swayze, I don't mean to call you out! I will feel so bad if that news hits tomorrow.)


My brother started police academy this past week, and it is nothing like the movies, let me tell you. (Also, seriously, what kind of judicial system offers "be a cop!" as an alternative to jail?) I give him all the credit in the world, because no power on Earth could make me want to get up every morning at 4am, run myself to death for 12 hours, and get screamed at by a man who looks like an angry boxer (the dog, not like Mike Tyson)--EVERY DAY, for 27 WEEKS. No thank you.

Ahh, what else. Um. My mother's doctor thinks she has an enlarged heart (or something), so she goes to see the cardiologist tomorrow. I think I have an ovarian cyst (or something), so I...have to get off my ass and make an doctor's appointment.

In two weeks (God willing) I am going to Minnesota to (a) meet J's entire frigging family (OH MY GOD) and (b) go to a wedding. Paul's wedding, in fact. Yes, THAT PAUL. Wow, that whole situation was one big false start, wasn't it? I'm happy with the way everything turned out, though, which is all that really matters.

DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THE DECEMBERISTS CONCERT ON THE 8TH?? HOW DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THAT?? It was amazing. It was, as expected, mostly their new stuff from The Hazards of Love (and no "Shiny"! Sadness!), but it was great--their two female guest vocalists (Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond)) were super awesome. Becky Stark came out all Galadriel and serene, and then Shara Worden!!! Holy cats, this chick, just watching her--hell, just thinking about watching her is enough to get me all jazzed up. She was so tiny, but so kickass. I wish her My Brightest Diamond stuff was as energetic as she was that night.

I suppose that's everything new. Getting ready for Minnesota in the next two weeks, then getting ready for New Orleans (SIGGRAPH) after that. (This involves a Cindy Crawford workout.) I'm excited about NOLA, but holy cats, it's going to be hot down there.

For lack of a better closing, I am completely obsessed with the opening cinematic for The Beatles: Rock Band (here it is, annotated). I think I've watched it 10 times now. I love the part where they change into the Sgt. Pepper uniforms--reminds me of Utena. I love Paul's little movements, the way he turns his head slightly and puts a hand on his hip. (I also love the "sitting in an English garden" part--there's something about seeing characters react to physical changes in their environment that excites me.) It makes me want to get back into animation (which was, y'know, my MAJOR even if they did shaft us on the education).

I want to play it NOW. Dibs on George.


Next time I need to read something gut-wrenchingly sad.]
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So I am going to Boston for a few days (coming home Tuesday night) with Jeremiah for some work-related thing that I have somehow weaseled myself into. Like last time, we are driving. Unlike last time, it is winter and we are pretty much driving straight into a Nor'Easter. I do stupid things sometimes. ("Dabdiputs" would be a better icon for this, if I had access to it.)

(Here's to not being pissed off at him this time!)
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Oh-kay, Halloween--check, awesome, blah blah.

So I've been reluctant to post anything for a while because there is something I'm particularly fixated on, but I really, really do not want to jinx anything, and yes, I am honestly that superstitious. I will say something for sure once I know more, and oh please please please let it work out. If it doesn't, it will be for no good reason at all, and I refuse to abide by such capriciousness. Do you hear me, Universe? I will have none of it.

but i waaaaaant it

Anyway, other than that, November has been full of:
  1. GEOCACHING! My handle ("handle"? whatever) is flamingwreck, if any of y'all do this also and want to be Geocaching friends or whatever. So far I have found three, which is...sort of pathetic, but everybody has to start somewhere. I've already discovered places I wouldn't otherwise have known about, which I suppose is part of the whole point anyway.
  2. Getting into huge, awkward fights with Jeremy because of my PMS-induced insanity. Although his shitty attitude and some shit timing on my part are partly to blame, the less we speak of this, the better.
  3. Making some swanky posters at work! Yes, I did major in animation. No, I haven't properly animated anything since 2006. But if I had majored in Graphic Design I probably wouldn't be here anyway, and my time machine is nonexistent, so this is quite a moot point, now isn't it? Anyway, if I could be Aesthetic Apparatus, I would, in a heartbeat.

    Not that I've given up on animation, I'm just in a rut and have no time, really.

I think that's it.

Oh, and I've caved to the (imagined) peer pressure and decided to get a Twitter! But which username??
  • ghostlight
    I like ghosts (as long as they don't wake me up at night), I like lights, I like ghostlights. And I like the combination of words. I've used it a fair bit in...other places that I can't remember right now, haha.

  • flamingwreck
    I, uh, identify with this one (ha), and it's my domain name, and a ton of other stuff.

It's pretty ridiculous, but this is the only real stumbling block to my enjoying Twitter goodness. Hope me, LJ friends!*

Oof. The heat just came on and now it smells like popcorn. WTF, apartment.
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[stumbles into room, collapses into chair, misses completey, falls to floor]

YOU GUYS. I'm sorry. I'm not dead. I was...lost! In the Kalahari Desert! Surviving on wild watermelon and antelope! Until I was discovered--my throat parched and my mind feverish and thoroughly mad from the heat--by a family of nouveau riche publishing moguls who happened to be on safari there, riding camels across the dry riverbed.

In any case! Here I am now. Here is my life since the last one. (If it is overly long, it's because this is for my own benefit as much as anyone's--more so, even.)


It turns out that the PET (?) scan revealed another cancerous lymph node, which means he has Stage 2, not 1. But the outlook is still overwhelmingly positive. They aren't going to operate to remove the other node; they're just going to kill it with chemo and radiation. The chemo has made him feel sick and faint and has given him horrible mouth/tongue pain (thrush) as well as other bits of general crappiness. Not sure when he's going to lose his hair. For some reason I thought it would have happened by now, but he's still got his full head, so.


For around two months now, I have been having this weird pain in the right side of my abdomen, right across from my navel. It started during a time of...unusual gastrointestinal difficulty, so at first I attributed it to that. But the weeks went by and it still hurts. (Hurt a lot in LA, actually.) It hurts ONLY when I'm up and walking around, tightening my stomach muscles. In LA, some uncomfortable fullness after a large breakfast at Denny's caused it to NOT hurt. It doesn't hurt to press on it--actually, if it's hurting, it feels better if I press on it.

It hasn't been bothering me too much lately because I'm back at work and largely sedentary, but that's not to say that whatever's causing it isn't still there. I've had an ultrasound done, which showed absolutely nothing. My blood test came back fine. Next up is a CT scan! Yaaaay.


Yeah, so I finally got this thing to fix my stupid jaw. It seems to be helping, although I am probably not wearing it as much as I should (but can you blame me? It is damn hard to talk with this thing in, and I get pissed off every time I try).

UHHHH. oh yeah.

For an extra $100 a month (which J is paying to me in exchange for me letting him keep stuff in here--this was the condition upon which I finally agreed), I moved out of my tiny closet-like room and into the big room with the large closet and the BATHROOM (half-bath, but still) all to myself. Now I have room to do my pilates!


On July 26, J and I went out to the Eastern Shore to stay in this beach house down the road from some friends of his. Dude is an amateur movie maker and was debuting his newest finished film. (I really want to be nice, but I can't say that I thought his execution was very good.) It was a really cool beach house and a really cool weekend overall (biting flies notwithstanding). The nights out there are so dark and clear that you can see every star. I spotted Cassiopeia and realized that I need to learn more constellations. And spend a lot more time out on a dock, lying on my back and pointing out stars.


On August 5 we all took a day off work to go to an amusement park. I survived the DOMINATOR! without vomiting and was proud. Had more luck on the Avalanche, and opted to skip the (scary) Volcano and the bumpy Grizzly. And whatever else scary things they have there. Had better luck in the water park, getting dumped on by a giant bucket of water (so much water! Almost lost my shorts) with Bryan and his girlfriend, Vanessa.

Then J and I got into a big fight over him not listening to a damn thing I said and me being mental and we almost broke up on the drive home, but we did not and I am happy because of that.


For one reason or another, we could not get a direct flight from BWI to LAX. I was so paranoid about losing luggage that I decided to cram one week's worth of stuff into one carry-on sized suitcase and a tote bag. AND I DID. So we stayed in this absolutely gorgeous hotel, the Biltmore, which is where a few Academy Awards were hosted, and is also the last place Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia, was seen alive. (spooky)

Also, the pool (which I swam in!) was featured in Cruel Intentions.

And guys, it is 11:11pm (!) and I am pooped, so I am just going to cut it off here for now and finish this some other time in the near (I mean it!) future.

NEXT TIME ON Sin Tetas No Hay ParaĆ­so (lol):
- and MY NEW CAR!

Good night, my darlings. :)
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Anna and I split a margarita at lunch; I am sleepygirl. (It had no salt on the rim! NO SALT AT ALL. I had to apply my own. What The Hell Gordon Biersch.)

Urgh, so my grandfather got out of the hospital last...Wednesday? He's on oxygen all the time now, one of those things that pulls the oxygen from the air in the room and purifies it. It's sort of hard for me to see, and I can't imagine he's not completely frustrated by it, but right now there's no other alternative. It's just--a really uneasy time for me right now. My dog is old, my grandparents are old, my brother graduated college, his best friend graduated and moved to Wisconsin--it feels like everyone is leaving me (or getting ready to leave me) at the same time. Sometimes I wish I could just stay 13 forever. Awkward hair and all.

- J and I got into this big fight in which he was sort of douchebaggy, although I suppose his points weren't totally unfounded, but he was just being completely INFLEXIBLE and UNWILLING TO COMPROMISE. And lest you think I am bashing him without letting him defend himself, the existence and location of this LJ are no secret and he could pop in here at any time if he was so concerned about what I say behind his back. Har.
- I still have not bought anything for my father for Father's Day, and I'm not sure what to get him anyway, and maybe I'll just get him some Harry and David stuff.
- So bored at work. So very bored.
- I really need a universal remote that works with this TV so I can play Animal Crossing again. I have tried every code I can find. It makes me smad.
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An ode to run-on sentences and other lackluster grammar:

Last night J and I Metro'd (Metro-ed? Metro'ed? Whatever, it's not a real word anyway) down to DC to check out some cherry blossoms. Only when we got there, I forgot all about the whole Tidal Basin deal and we wandered in the exact opposite direction, after which J had to pee (a LOT) (sorry, Jeremy, I really am telling the whole world), so we ran (ran!) to Union Station, where they do have toilets, unlike the National Mall, which is unfortunate as it is pretty heavy with pedestrian traffic. You'd think they could put out a few of those futuristic self-cleaning things like they have in London or something.

Then we Metro'd (??) to Dupont Circle, wandered past the Chancery of Iraq, wandered down Embassy Row, and eventually found the Brickskeller. Against my better judgement, I got a Maui Mouthwash, which apparently consisted of "Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut, fruit juice, blue curacao, vodka and golden lager, and Smack & Tan" and was BRIGHT EMERALD GREEN and did actually taste a bit like mouthwash but maybe that's because I can never taste past the alcohol, which was present in large amounts and left me feeling a LOT loopy.

But the point--

The point is that it was good. I was so happy to be out, to be going somewhere I don't go often, to be out with him--and once he loosened up at the Brickskeller, I stopped worrying about him worrying and not having fun, and I just... So happy.

I wish I could bottle that moment, that feeling, and just keep it with me forever.
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I have bought: a blue Lomo Fisheye. I'm really bad at it, I think, and half of my shots will probably be underexposed (I can't bring myself to use the flash), but it's all a big experiment anyway and the film was cheap-ish. One roll down, three to go, and maybe I'll post them when I'm done.

No one is dead yet, and there hasn't even been a close call of such. This is really the first time J and I have been away together (not including last year's SIGGRAPH because we weren't together then and I seem to remember hating him during most of it), so it could have gone really well or really badly. With the exception of him dragging me to a lot of really boring science stuff and my exhibiting some really bizarre, irrational freakouts, it seems to be going not too badly. [knocks on wood]

Tonight we started to head down to the reception on the Embarcadero pier thingy and decided to catch a cab (it's only a mile, but J's feet hurt and my dry crackedy heel has finally split and ow). Another dude from our hotel (Holiday Inn, livin' large) was also heading down that way so we were going to split it. I ran back upstairs to grab a long-sleeved (AutoDesk) (nerd) shirt (SD is much chillier at night than I anticipated, and me with just my halters and strappy shirts) while J and this dude talked. They exchanged information, we talked about our cameras and my not-toy Lomo, and when we got back to the hotel, I found out that his name is Hiroyuki Seshita, and he was the Visual Effects Supervisor for the "movie sections" (I guess this is the FMV/cinematic parts) of Final Fantasy X and X-2 and Kingdom Hearts, and that he was also a lighting artist for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (thank you IMDB). Holy crap. I am glad I didn't know that at the time, because I would have geeked out and lost my shit entirely. I just figured he was some random Japanese dude.

I also rode the hotel elevator with some Capcom guys.

I am a nerd.
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I wrote this when I was at work. The muscles in my right forearm feel like they're burning and I think I'm developing a Repetitive Motion Injury? THE HELL WITH YOU, Dr. Newman, if I end up with carpal tunnel because of your site.

Almost finished with Sailor Stars now (after how many years?) and I know this would have gotten me lynched at U& back in Ye Olden Days (oh Drew, Rachel, when we were so young and innocent), but...I almost think Seiya is more interesting than Mamoru? AAAHHhhh.
[dodges rocks, cans, old shoes]

Also I was a jackass on Saturday and got my back sunburned while floating around in the pool on the cookie, and now I am vastly ITCHY. Jeremiah has refused my offer to make him Royal Consort and Official Itchy Sunburn Skin Peeler, but I guess that's fair, given that I told him I won't change his feeding tube when he falls off the roof and becomes a quadriplegic.

We are so in love~ hohoho

So yeah, I wrote the rest of this at work


Yarr, it is effing hot in here.

Was walking down the hall in my new shoes and caught up with Janek (the only one who noticed I had new shoes, because I'm walking differently), and he kind of grinned and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "So you guys are back together, huh?"

I said, "Yeah, I guess so. Why, did he say something about me?"

Janek said, "Yeah, he talks about you all the time!" But he wouldn't tell me what he says, which is not fair (even if it's all very good things). Now I am very curious and nosy and am determined to break Janek and make him tell me.

Now I have to go back to resizing marmoset brain images and pretending that they waited until the monkeys died to slice them up.

A tiny aside to Mac users (of which Sam is now a member!): Anyone else get REALLY anxious when an icon starts bouncing at you from the dock? OMG LEAVE ME ALONE, PHOTOSHOP, I WILL GET TO YOU IN A SECOND
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I am eating the tiniest strawberries ever.

Every time he brushes my hair aside and kisses my forehead I want to cry.

Can I be amused that iTunes shuffled from The Format's "She Doesn't Get It" to "Get It" by RJD2? Or is that nerdy?
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Yeah, definitely just burying it.
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Apparently I am still not really ready to talk to him on the phone either. Oh God, I can't even tell whether I'm doing well with occasional relapses, or I'm really miserable but just burying it.

I had this dream last night. I'll spare you most of the (cool) details (Beach 6A!), but the gist of it is this. Myself and a bunch of randomly brain-selected friends and family, including Sir Jeremiah, went on vacation to the Bahamas. The islands were accessible by a long underground waterslide that culminated in a chute through a waterfall that did not knock you on your ass as you went through it, as I would expect, but planted you quite nicely on the beach.

Anyway. As the day went on, I noticed that J was no longer with us. I got ahold of a computer and was poking around online when I somehow stumbled upon a website for a monastery. On the screen was a picture of Jeremy and a message saying how excited he was to have just joined, etc.

Yes, that's right. He was so afraid of a relationship that he joined a monastery.

Oh, I laugh.
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Ahhhhh, okay. The past week has been sort of ridiculous.

On Wednesday, a bunch of us from work went out to lunch (Thai, if you must know). When we got back, I somehow managed to get my finger smashed in the car door. It went like this:

And yes, it shut all the way. I don't know what all was in that door, but when we all came to our senses and opened it, I had two punctures/holes on either side of my finger (the big one was probably almost 3mm across). So gross. We were halfway to the hospital when we realized they'd just splint it and charge me $600 for an x-ray, so we fixed it ourselves via CVS. I don't think it's broken, although it's still swollen a bit. I'm mostly disappointed that the holes filled (swelled?) back in and it doesn't look gross anymore. :(

Thursday Jeremy and I and MY MOTHER went to dinner and I was nervous and wanting to throw up, but I think it went well. She likes him. Yay!

Saturday (some people would call this yesterday) Allie and Ben and I went to DC to, among other things, go to the National Zoo (where it snowed) and the Spy Museum (SOLD OUT! ;_;) and then to go to other museums instead, and get lost. Our drive home looked like this, and if you know anything about DC, you know that (driving there is miserable and) the bad parts are...very, very bad. And I think we drove through maybe all of them.

About 45 minutes prior to this, we thought we were going to have to sleep in the parking garage. That is another long story in itself--but for now, let it be said that there is no terror like thinking you're going to have to spend the night in a hot, stuffy car in a stuffy, poorly designed parking garage in the bowels of DC.

Okay, finger aches from typing. Done now. :3


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