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Sam is in the air somewhere at the moment, and I believe I have a cold, either from renegade allergies or from one of the unwashed masses at Otakon (ah, memories of the Otakon flu). Oh, nerds! Would it kill you to take a shower?

I am eyeing One Piece Grand Battle 3, like I honestly have any money left after this weekend--OH WAIT, I DO, because someone is stubborn and kept giving it to me.

Thank you, by the way!
PS, I owe you this and the Fine Print, OK.

I am surprisingly incoherent this morning; probably exhausted myself this weekend from all the not shutting up ever.


Oh, and

Aug. 21st, 2005 12:56 am
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Extravagant purchace of the weekend: Portait of Pirates Tashigi has joined Zoro on the shelf. It was a hard choice between Tashigi, Ace, and Vivi, but I figured Tashigi would go best with the one I already have. They look so cute together. :3

Randomly: Thank you to certain other people for not hating me (seriously, huge relief, you have no idea)! And also thank you to Sam for not taking off in the opposite direction after I had my meltdown. THERE WAS SOMETHING IN THE SIERRA MIST, I TELL YOU.
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I have no idea where the hell the fliers were.

Sam and I SCOURED the entire dealer's room, the industry room, and EVERY SINGLE array of fliers we could find and found NOTHING. Granted, I did forget the name of the company, but Sam remembered DVD_______Japan, and I had the image of the big-boobed model burned into my brain. It should have been simple! They should have been everywhere! Every year, there are TONS of fliers all over the place! And there were, but we could find no trace of your wonderful fliers.

We are very, very sorry. I really wanted to be able to send you a whole stack. ;_;
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Whoa, airport is confusing.

Sam is utterly cool. have somehow managed to convince him i'm not a raving lunatic I think if I mention Blue Beetle one more time he's going to kill me.

PS, Gisele:
Have fun growing up. I hope you make it to DisneyWorld.


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