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I am having a shitty day for no good reason.

Also, why is it so fucking hard to find a place to rent down here? I am
just going to get depressed and pissed off about it now so I can better
handle the crushing rejection that will inevitably come later.
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Tonight on Shitty Garage Band: Shitty Garage Band butchers the White Stripes and Pearl Jam.* And Weezer. Again.

*No, Sam, I don't remember what song it was. :D


Also, Sublime.

I haven't cried in two days and I feel a lot better in general, except for wicked allergies that woke me up at 5:45am with all my ENT membranes itching. Also I am dead tired, and WHY did I agree to Hallmark tomorrow? (Yes, 'round these parts--meaning Linda and I--we use "Hallmark" as a verb.)

But I do feel better. I figured it was just a matter of time. I am still, however, suffering a slight desperation (boredom? ennui?) and am trying to not even look at the phone, or my contacts list, at all, ever, because that is just bad bad bad bad bad.

And I have Caleb in mind for this mostly (did I show you this? What day is this? What YEAR is this?), but I think it is a good watch for anybody, and was one of the few things to cheer me up Monday. (If you've seen Shaun of the Dead, you may remember Dylan Moran as David, and Simon Pegg actually guested in an episode of this show. SO.)

Yeah, so life goes on, I guess?
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I am possibly in the worst mood I have been in since--God, I can't even remember. So. Angry. I thought I would throw up.

Of course, it helps tremendously that I am an emotional trainwreck because of everything that's been going on lately.

I seriously considered taking someone up on an offer, but while my foresight isn't all that wonderful, I can at least see that it wouldn't end well. Maybe when I'm in a better frame of mind. Maybe not.

See also Motion City Soundtrack + L.G. Fuad
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Work hazards already. My toes are numb. :(

And I hope that I'm just being demented because of my period and not because I'm usually this way and just never noticed before.
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Absence makes the heart get really really insecure and think you are not really interested at all, despite all evidence to the contrary.

This weekend completely. Fucking. Sucks. I wish it would just end already. I blew off Allie for this? Sitting at home on my ass in my PJs, drinking iced tea and eating melted chocolate with a spoon and crying big sloppy emo tears all over my Livejournal. I've had two spectacularly shitty days in a row (with another one coming up tomorrow) and I was hoping to salvage at least an evening by going out with a really excellent guy. But obviously it was not meant to be, because I can't fucking get ahold of him and GOD WHY DO YOU THROW ALL THIS SHIT ON ME AT ONCE, IT'S NOT FAIR. *sob*

Not even getting into the fiasco that occurred trying to leave work. God Almighty. I want to punch everyone.


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