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So, it looks like I'm employed for a little while longer. I was starting to look forward to a government shutdown because it would force us to take some time off and get some shit done around here, but Reid and Boehner pulled something out of their asses at literally the eleventh hour, so we all got to go back to work.

Jeremy and I still took off today just to have some quality time together, so we went down to DC and poked around in a few gardens (both sculpture and botanical) and the Air and Space Museums. Now my feet ache. He, for some reason, is still out there shoveling stone for our drainage pipe, even though he should be too sore to move after shoveling stone for most of the day yesterday.

Oh my God, my feet hurt. And my lip is twitchy! And writing this on the iPad is making for all sorts of weird typos, which I think I've been catching as I go, but I'm not perfect, so watch out for inexplicable mentions of goats and whatnot.

I am also excited because I got my oil changed and my tires rotated! By an honest mechanic! Hurrah! Being an adult is pretty boring. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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So uh, hey, LJ.

Today I had a sucky day. It isn't often that I just feel sucky all day, but today I sort of did.

Well, let me first start with the OH MY GOD TWO BLIZZARDS IN FIVE DAYS. It kept the federal government closed from Monday to Thursday, which cost taxpayers like $350 million dollars. Sorry, guys, our winters average 18" of snowfall--we were not prepared for the 4-feet-plus that we got over the past week (DC and Baltimore broke their seasonal averages with 75" and 79.9" respectively). So Jeremy and I were holed up in my apartment for the past week, sitting on our asses, and not really working (although I wish I had been, now I have to make up hours (shit)), while I also dealt with a cold that I apparently got from eating snow (according to my grandmother). Monday evening, while trying to park my car at my apartment amidst WALLS of snow, I got my car stuck on a chunk of frozen snow and ice and had to enlist several nice neighbors (including one with a delightful Australian accent (he said "whereabouts"! hee hee)) to help dig me out. So fucking embarrassing.

And it is going to snow AGAIN on Monday/Tuesday. NO NO NO. Foot's Forecast puts it at 6". (National Weather Service says...I can't even bear to process all of that.) Let me stress to you that there is literally nowhere else to put this snow. We are maxed out.

But back to today. Today was sucky because (after I woke up with toothpaste in my hair, wtf) Adobe fucked me hard and left me a broken woman. Evidently you can't install programs from two different Creative Suite packages, with two different license keys, because now I get a lovely message telling me that my licenses are fucked and I need to reinstall. This is for programs that I've had installed for 2.5, 3 years? That I use every day? It makes me want to pull my hair out and weep blood.

And I can't back it up with Time Machine because I thoughtlessly (!) deleted a bunch of backups from 2008-2009 (who fucking knew) and now my backups are probably worthless.

And then I almost got rear-ended on the way to my grandparents' house, because some twats forgot to let everyone know they were blocking the right lane for snow removal.

And then I did this: (gj, nichole)

So....yeah, it's been a crap day.

The only good thing? J found a house he'd like to buy and asked me, "Would you maybe be interested in co-habitating with me if I buy this place?" (lol nerd) No idea if he'll be able to afford it, and to be honest, I have reservations about leaving my little fortress of solitude (anyone know how hard it is to copy a "Do Not Duplicate" key? Do they really care?). But it is awesome that he asked; I guess being stuck with me all week has convinced him I'm not that bad to be stuck with. Although I probably discouraged him by going all shithouse when my Adobe stuff stopped working. Sorry again, J, I am mental.

Anyway. Better tomorrow, I hope.
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Yesterday we did this:

(Faces mosaic-ed because I don't like publicly posting people's pictures (alliteration!) without their knowledge (except for Horse Teeth).)

(Also, that is a knife handle, not a penis (thanks, Caleb).)

The Burger of Death was consumed in honor of Tim's birthday and Bryan's last day with us (which was Monday) (sad, least this is an end to all the dramarama). No forced perspective here--that thing is 9lbs of meat, 15lbs altogether (with the bun and lettuce and tomatoes and onions and MOJO SAUCE). I had a relatively small slice and was still hurting from it hours I sat in my office working until almost 8pm. Then I went home, took a two hour break, and worked from 10:30 to 12:30. Got to bed at 1:00am. Got up at 7:45. Worked nonstop today trying to put the Annual Report together. I almost had an aneurysm last night fighting with the printer (we have an abusive relationship). I AM SO TIRED

And I never want to think about the Annual Report again (but I will).

On top of everything, J went to San Diego this weekend for the American Society for Cell Biology, and I am Not Well Pleased (I loves Sambiego). He has very specific instructions to have no fun whatsoever, but I am still bummed that he gets to be there (albeit stuck in science talks all day). Le sigh.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that I changed my LJ layout for the first time in...two? three? years. Yay laziness. :D

That is all. As you were.
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Oh-kay, Halloween--check, awesome, blah blah.

So I've been reluctant to post anything for a while because there is something I'm particularly fixated on, but I really, really do not want to jinx anything, and yes, I am honestly that superstitious. I will say something for sure once I know more, and oh please please please let it work out. If it doesn't, it will be for no good reason at all, and I refuse to abide by such capriciousness. Do you hear me, Universe? I will have none of it.

but i waaaaaant it

Anyway, other than that, November has been full of:
  1. GEOCACHING! My handle ("handle"? whatever) is flamingwreck, if any of y'all do this also and want to be Geocaching friends or whatever. So far I have found three, which is...sort of pathetic, but everybody has to start somewhere. I've already discovered places I wouldn't otherwise have known about, which I suppose is part of the whole point anyway.
  2. Getting into huge, awkward fights with Jeremy because of my PMS-induced insanity. Although his shitty attitude and some shit timing on my part are partly to blame, the less we speak of this, the better.
  3. Making some swanky posters at work! Yes, I did major in animation. No, I haven't properly animated anything since 2006. But if I had majored in Graphic Design I probably wouldn't be here anyway, and my time machine is nonexistent, so this is quite a moot point, now isn't it? Anyway, if I could be Aesthetic Apparatus, I would, in a heartbeat.

    Not that I've given up on animation, I'm just in a rut and have no time, really.

I think that's it.

Oh, and I've caved to the (imagined) peer pressure and decided to get a Twitter! But which username??
  • ghostlight
    I like ghosts (as long as they don't wake me up at night), I like lights, I like ghostlights. And I like the combination of words. I've used it a fair bit in...other places that I can't remember right now, haha.

  • flamingwreck
    I, uh, identify with this one (ha), and it's my domain name, and a ton of other stuff.

It's pretty ridiculous, but this is the only real stumbling block to my enjoying Twitter goodness. Hope me, LJ friends!*

Oof. The heat just came on and now it smells like popcorn. WTF, apartment.
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Sometimes I wish this thing would just update itself. What have I done? I don't even know.

Oh! I went to a fellows retreat at Airlie Center, which was beautiful, and rode their free bikes (badly) (hey, it's been a while and I was in a skirt and going uphill and there were people in my way and my purse was throwing me off-balance and no handbrakes, only pedal brakes, and I think maybe there was also a car), and looked at their geese, and listened to a lot of people talk about science that I will never ever understand.

OH, but I did meet a chick who will let me see the baby monkeys in Poolesville. YES, AWESOME. Making faces at baby monkeys in the name of research = totally worth the pain of making a research poster that no one looked at (sadface).

THEN it was J's birthday, and he had a party, and I did not fail at it. There were TWO tall crazy Germans there. How often does that happen outside of Germany? I would wager--rarely.

Yesterday! We went to the AFI Silver to see Blade Runner: The Final Cut and it was good.

No one has been in a good mood lately. :(
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Argh, so many things!

Part One: In which I am not stalked.

  • April 11, 11:47am

Another phone call on Friday, as soon as I left the room to go to the bathroom. Bryan and Jeremy opted not to answer it, fearing my wrath. Unbeknownst to me, Jeremy called me 3 minutes later via Skype, which also shows up "unavailable," and I spent a full 30 seconds talking on speakerphone before I realized that it was just echoing back everything I said. Then I hit him.

  • April 14, 12:14am

I answered it! A momentary hesitation, a la a telemarketer, and then: "Is N...Novo Eric* there?" I told them it was a wrong number, and they haven't called back. I guess it was a telemarketer after all. Is it wrong that I'm disappointed it wasn't something weirder?

*I have no idea what name she said. That is what it sounded like.

Part Two: In which I make research posters marginally less boring.

At the last minute, I pulled something magical out of my ass for NIH's Spring Research Festival program cover competition (whew).


I didn't think I would win, frankly, since it's a bit more "rock poster" than they normally go for, but I did (this may or may not be because there were no other submissions)! And I get a prize, apparently, but who knows when that will be. I keep joking that it'll probably be something I'll have no use for, like a certificate for a free box of mice.

Part Three: In which I lose track of the days and forget IMPORTANT THINGS!

Holy Cats, Rachel and Jason! In my research poster-induced haze, time slipped by and I neglected to wish you a


In celebration I have assembled for you a Muxtape. Er, mixtape. Er, a bunch of songs I hand-picked. :)

Anyway, please accept my tardy congratulations on making it a whole year. The first of many!


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