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So, it looks like I'm employed for a little while longer. I was starting to look forward to a government shutdown because it would force us to take some time off and get some shit done around here, but Reid and Boehner pulled something out of their asses at literally the eleventh hour, so we all got to go back to work.

Jeremy and I still took off today just to have some quality time together, so we went down to DC and poked around in a few gardens (both sculpture and botanical) and the Air and Space Museums. Now my feet ache. He, for some reason, is still out there shoveling stone for our drainage pipe, even though he should be too sore to move after shoveling stone for most of the day yesterday.

Oh my God, my feet hurt. And my lip is twitchy! And writing this on the iPad is making for all sorts of weird typos, which I think I've been catching as I go, but I'm not perfect, so watch out for inexplicable mentions of goats and whatnot.

I am also excited because I got my oil changed and my tires rotated! By an honest mechanic! Hurrah! Being an adult is pretty boring. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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Whoops, this was from last week )

That's what I started to write last week. Then my browser crashed and it looked like I had lost the draft. But here it is again! Anyway, I'm better. I've gradually been eating more and more since it worked its way out of my system, and I think I lost 5 pounds or so. Best diet ever! No, I'm kidding. It was awful. (Not gonna complain about the weight loss, though.)

Well, anyway. Last night--after already driving the 30 or so miles from J's house to my grandparents', I then got guilt-tripped into driving back down to my apartment, an hour away, to meet Jeremy and some friends [Matt and Steffi] for an outing in Georgetown. All told, it was fun, although I didn't like college kids when I was in college, and I REALLY don't like them now. Anyway, we dropped Matt and Steffi off, and Jeremy and I drove back up Connecticut to Silver Spring. He's been listening to Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! a lot lately, and a new song started up and he said, "This is our song. Well, maybe it's my song."

Would I know? )

Naturally I cried.

Before we both passed out in my apartment, I asked him one more time if he really meant it, and he said (as he was falling asleep), "Yeah. It's like, in the song, the...stumbles and...led me to someone like you... No, not 'someone like you.' You."

And then he was asleep and I cried all over his arm.

Anyway. A++++, would date again.
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Owfuck, I almost ripped my toenail off last night doing Cindy Crawford Workout exercises in my living room. The moral of the story is that no matter how carpeted your living room, and no matter how much space you actually have to do weird high kick things, you should always wear your shoes, because you will probably still stub your toe on the sofa right under the nail and make it bleed and slightly wiggly. Nobody wants a wiggly toenail.

This was important enough for me to emerge from my internet-less exile to tell you all. I still have no internet, although I hope for that to change soon. Other things I have to mention, which I will probably get around to this weekend because I'm Home and have internet here:
- Upstate New York
- Monkeys!
- This baby pool/slip 'n slide/jello party I am being subjected to tonight, ugh
- The fact that I have not unpacked a single thing in three months?

CRIPES, a new Platinum Grit!
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Oh-kay, Halloween--check, awesome, blah blah.

So I've been reluctant to post anything for a while because there is something I'm particularly fixated on, but I really, really do not want to jinx anything, and yes, I am honestly that superstitious. I will say something for sure once I know more, and oh please please please let it work out. If it doesn't, it will be for no good reason at all, and I refuse to abide by such capriciousness. Do you hear me, Universe? I will have none of it.

but i waaaaaant it

Anyway, other than that, November has been full of:
  1. GEOCACHING! My handle ("handle"? whatever) is flamingwreck, if any of y'all do this also and want to be Geocaching friends or whatever. So far I have found three, which is...sort of pathetic, but everybody has to start somewhere. I've already discovered places I wouldn't otherwise have known about, which I suppose is part of the whole point anyway.
  2. Getting into huge, awkward fights with Jeremy because of my PMS-induced insanity. Although his shitty attitude and some shit timing on my part are partly to blame, the less we speak of this, the better.
  3. Making some swanky posters at work! Yes, I did major in animation. No, I haven't properly animated anything since 2006. But if I had majored in Graphic Design I probably wouldn't be here anyway, and my time machine is nonexistent, so this is quite a moot point, now isn't it? Anyway, if I could be Aesthetic Apparatus, I would, in a heartbeat.

    Not that I've given up on animation, I'm just in a rut and have no time, really.

I think that's it.

Oh, and I've caved to the (imagined) peer pressure and decided to get a Twitter! But which username??
  • ghostlight
    I like ghosts (as long as they don't wake me up at night), I like lights, I like ghostlights. And I like the combination of words. I've used it a fair bit in...other places that I can't remember right now, haha.

  • flamingwreck
    I, uh, identify with this one (ha), and it's my domain name, and a ton of other stuff.

It's pretty ridiculous, but this is the only real stumbling block to my enjoying Twitter goodness. Hope me, LJ friends!*

Oof. The heat just came on and now it smells like popcorn. WTF, apartment.
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An ode to run-on sentences and other lackluster grammar:

Last night J and I Metro'd (Metro-ed? Metro'ed? Whatever, it's not a real word anyway) down to DC to check out some cherry blossoms. Only when we got there, I forgot all about the whole Tidal Basin deal and we wandered in the exact opposite direction, after which J had to pee (a LOT) (sorry, Jeremy, I really am telling the whole world), so we ran (ran!) to Union Station, where they do have toilets, unlike the National Mall, which is unfortunate as it is pretty heavy with pedestrian traffic. You'd think they could put out a few of those futuristic self-cleaning things like they have in London or something.

Then we Metro'd (??) to Dupont Circle, wandered past the Chancery of Iraq, wandered down Embassy Row, and eventually found the Brickskeller. Against my better judgement, I got a Maui Mouthwash, which apparently consisted of "Malibu Caribbean White Rum with Coconut, fruit juice, blue curacao, vodka and golden lager, and Smack & Tan" and was BRIGHT EMERALD GREEN and did actually taste a bit like mouthwash but maybe that's because I can never taste past the alcohol, which was present in large amounts and left me feeling a LOT loopy.

But the point--

The point is that it was good. I was so happy to be out, to be going somewhere I don't go often, to be out with him--and once he loosened up at the Brickskeller, I stopped worrying about him worrying and not having fun, and I just... So happy.

I wish I could bottle that moment, that feeling, and just keep it with me forever.


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