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Ahhh... Watchmen.

Here be spoilers.

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains. )

And I won't lie, I got goosebumps watching the Half-Blood Prince trailer. What will I do when there are no movies left?? :(
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Some tree fell on my car and smooshed it all to bits.

Some bastard tree smooshing my car.
From I Hate Trees

Happy Tree Falling On Nicki's Car Four Year Anniversary! 8D

Coincidentally, for this year's anniversary, I am driving a rental while June is having cosmetic surgery. I was going to celebrate by dropping a twig on the roof, but hey, not my car.

(Also, I finally saw The Darjeeling Limited and quite liked it.

Other things I recommend:
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[disclaimer: This is long. Here, I will save you the trouble: tl;dr]

So I don't post anymore, it seems. It's kind of unfortunate, and it bothers me in that, thanks to LJ, I had a pretty complete reference of almost everything that's gone on in my life for the past 6.5 (!!! omg) years. I would hate for this year to be just a big blur.

That said: Not a whole lot has been going on! At all. Haha.

Well, I guess some stuff, maybe. Saturday Jeremy&Offspring and I went rock climbing, to make up for my missing it due to vacation. I was pretty proud of myself for getting 3/4 of the way up on my first go, but after that my complete lack of upper body/finger strength fucked me over and I never made it much beyond halfway. Climbing is all in your legs. But the time in between, when you're hanging there looking for a hand- or foothold that you can get to, is all upper body. And fingers. Oh, fingers; I thought I would never be able to make a fist again.

Friday J and I went to White's Ferry to have lunch with Dr. Newman and his lab, and it was a lot of fun actually, and the food was surprisingly good as well, and I'm mostly recounting this because I'd like to go back there and go canoing, although I'll probably drown in the process.

I move in maybe a month. Less than that, even. I am trying not to think about it too much because I am going to end up missing my dog and my grandparents like whoa, and when I think about that I wonder what the fuck I was even thinking, why am I moving so far away from my dog? And my grandparents?

It sounds stupid when I write it out.

In a week and a half is my 5-year high school reunion, and I don't even understand how that is possible, or why I agreed to go, really.

In two and a half weeks J and I go to SIGGRAPH! Which we have already discussed.

Janek's daughter was born yesterday, and maybe now he will be so overcome with joy that he can stop pissing the rest of us off, and yes, I'm being deliberately vague--but hopefully, knowing Janek, my future self will be able to figure it out.

Otakon is this weekend and it's the first year since 2001 that I won't have gone. I'm sort of sad about it, but at the very least this means I won't have the flu next week.

Today I had a--well, I was going to call it an existential crisis, but given that it wasn't really existential, I guess it was just a crisis. And I felt like shit all day, and I am still waiting and waiting for Jeremy to get sick of all of this. I've been Sullen Girlfriend way too often lately.

I think, at the root of everything, my problem is that I'm really just scared.

Ahhh, I didn't mean for it to end all sad and mopey. Here, here, take this instead: A not-very-well-thought-out commentary on Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. OBVIOUSLY SPOILERY )

Yay yay yay. The best part of seeing it, though, was finding out that Jeremy has read all of them (except for HBP) and now I can geek out with him and OH LOVE YAY.
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So last night J and I went to see INLAND EMPIRE at The Charles. I'm not pretentious enough to pretend that I understand David Lynch movies. I'm much simpler than that--I just like weird shit. I like mindfucks.

But this... I now have nightmare material for the next five years, thank you, Mr. Lynch.

Related note: Why are giant rabbits creepy? Are other giant animals--dogs, cats, birds--as creepy? I think birds might be closest in creepiness.
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Also, I am looking for some good horror/thriller/mindfuck movies to add to Jeremiah's Netflix queue ([ profile] filmbuff, I'm looking at you). So far I've got:

  • Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
  • Oldboy
  • Lady Vengeance
  • Suicide Club
  • Audition
  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • A Clockwork Orange [which I have not seen!]
  • Phone
  • Dark Water [the original, not the remake]
  • Uzumaki
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Pi

As you can see, I'm sort of leaning toward the Asian horror genre, but I'll take anything as long as it's well done (I'm especially thinking of Davids Lynch and Cronenberg) (and I've seen Blue Velvet, Jeremy's seen Fire Walk With Me (although I'd still like to see that one)). There's one I've been trying to remember that (I think) might involve a body in a box or a duffel bag or something, unless that IS Audition.

I guess I don't mind being freaked out now that I've got someone to hide behind. :>

ETA, because I don't feel like making a new post:

I am going to kill myself. I don't think I can stand to live in a world where the inane piece of aural shit that is "My Humps" is not only nominated for a Grammy but WINS over Death Cab for Cutie.
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My brother has asked me to kindly spread the word of the new movie he and his friends made: AN INSOMNIAC EXPERIENCES A NIGHTMARE. It is loosely in the vein of Doom House and isn't for those who like their storylines linear. :)

Speaking of traumatic evening episodes, I had a dream last night that was entirely in claymation. It was about an evil prop plane (seaplane?) that really just wanted to have a child. OMG, the terror.
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WTF is up with Mulholland Drive?

(I guess this coild be considered spoilery.)
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Tonight I saw possibly one of the greatest films ever made: Alphaville. Jean-Luc Godard is a flat-out genius (and God, Anna Karina is gorgeous, why can't I be her?); I loved À bout de souffle, so I was really excited to see this one. And it was BRILLIANT.

Of course, I think I enjoyed it for different reasons than most critics...

"How does he know what it's saying? It's like it's burping French!"


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