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So I am on my way to Halloween awesomeness again. Like I said last year, I'm switching sides and going as the Misfits' Stormer, which is probably more obscure than Jem, and I'm sure I'll get another "Are you Barbie??" comment, but oh well. (Bitch, Barbie never had pink hair. Don't insult me.) I don't know how I'm going to do the blue hair, as it's too late to order a nice blue wig, and I'd bet that the Halloween store wigs are sub-par. I'm sort of afraid of Kool-Aid stickiness. This is looking like my best bet.

Anyway, like I did last year, I am going to go ahead and call it for next Halloween:

Marvel Girl

I really dig Nuno Plati's version, with the smaller domino-style mask and the scoopneck and the hair band. Très cutèe. Going to have to do a lot of work between now and then--a minidress is something I am not prepared for.
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You guys! I am all jazzed up about HALLOWEEN. I am resurrecting Jem! because I had so much fun last time, and now I've actually got the kickass wig to wear with the dress. I hope to God I can last through Johnrouse's whole party in those shoes (which, while they look super rad, are 3" or so, and I expect quite a bit of podiatric trauma).

Next year? I'm thinking Stormer:

YES. I believe it will be so.
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Speaking of pink hair...

Three weeks later, the wig finally came in!

I think it suits me, don't you?

Also: I must have orange balls. hoorjay
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Sigh. I want to be a rock star.

rock stars don't have to deal with MASSIVE! hayfever or drop $300 on their cars tomorrow because their tires are worn down to the rims.

I have the material for the Awesome sneezesneezesneeze Jem Costume, and it's a bit darker than the cartoon but I don't care, it is beautiful and spangly and with a costume like this, can you really overdo the spangle? You can't. POP STAR.

Somebody had better have a party for all of this.

Anyway, I think I'm getting sick again?

And also:


I am all out of penguin gifs. Next year you're just getting the Carlton Dance.
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Oh, better now. Still not calling his ass. Somehow I remembered how to Hallmark, except I have no idea where anything's been moved to, so I had to constantly explain about being away for two months.

BUT! ANYWAY. I am just putting this down, for the record: For Halloween I am SO going as Jem1. There is no way this is not happening. I am awesome. That is all.

1Rio, such a drama queen.


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