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Oh, better now. Still not calling his ass. Somehow I remembered how to Hallmark, except I have no idea where anything's been moved to, so I had to constantly explain about being away for two months.

BUT! ANYWAY. I am just putting this down, for the record: For Halloween I am SO going as Jem1. There is no way this is not happening. I am awesome. That is all.

1Rio, such a drama queen.
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This is how it went.

Theresa: Well, I guess I'm gonna head out.
Nicki: Er, can I talk to you before you leave?
Theresa: ...Are you quitting?
Nicki: *bursts into tears*

But in the end she was okay; she told me to go into the back room to calm down and I just ended up crying more and more. But she told me she didn't blame me for wanting to make more money elsewhere.

I'm just so exhausted from that crying jag, and my eyes burn, and for five hours I had a massive knot sitting right under my ribs.

Then I was closing and reached across the counter to get a pen and completely sliced my finger open on the tape dispenser, like a 3/4" long gash, and I bled all over the place. That bitch is sharp.

ETA: Can I just say how giddy it makes me to find people on Facebook that I haven't seen since junior high? I found Charmia today and she is just so awesome and I miss her, and we really ought to all get together and get drunk one day.

ETA2: For A Good Time Call...
The Poopacy
"Yes, Vagina..."
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So I get up this morning at 8:00 and rush through my getting-ready-for-work routine and yell at people because I can't find my black pants, and finally, FINALLY I am ready to walk out the door and I glance at my schedule stuck on the fridge and it says


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Theresa got all up in Carroll's face at work today for announcing somewhat loudly that she hates Valentine's Day. Which is odd, because I (also somewhat loudly) agreed with her and no one yelled at me. It's true, though--holiday flat-out sucks.

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This is probably only interesting to [ profile] disco_fox (and maybe not even then! haha), but we got a weird call from Tom Casey (LP guy). Apparently someone swiped a whole stack of comment cards and has been using them to send in mean things to Hallmark, and they can't figure out which store it came from. I'm guessing the postmark has it narrowed to our district. As vengeance goes, it's kind of weird.

Also I bought this ugly smooshy ring that flashes and gives people seizures. I bought the green one because it was the brightest, but when it's not flashing I realized it kind of looks like broccoli.
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Somehow I volunteered myself to do cheeseball-making demonstrations during Open House at work this weekend. That'll teach me to be a smartass. :D
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Tonight an old woman at work called me "poochie-poo."

"Baby" was bad enough. But "poochie-poo," I couldn't make that shit up.
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Great Gatsby in a knapsack. Today I wrote that a customer was a moron on my Void Total Sale slip. Of course I will expound, but there were two morons so we'll go chronologically.

Also I thought this would be a good themesong for this entry but it isn't, exactly.

01 )

02 )

And Allie is finally quitting, and I don't blame her at all. I would really like to after all of this; IKEA seems like a fun place despite questionable management, and I wouldn't have to be so fucking helpful all the time, and I could probably have weekends off. But I can't do that now, not yet, not when the holiday crap is getting underway and they need people who know what they're doing. Maybe after Christmas.

My muscles are tight and my shins are bursting with pain, and yet somehow I am still twelve years old and swoon-y.
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Today--well, it's yesterday already--was my One Year Working at Hallmark and Putting Up With People's Crap Anniversary! And I haven't killed anyone yet. 8D

It was also Emily's last day, and I decided she's really really awesome, which is sort of poor timing on my part. On the 26th, she's going back to BYU. We had lightsaber fights with the wax torches* and compared thigh circumferences (apparently I'm not fat--I feel like I woke up on Earth-2) and read to each other from AWFUL, AWFUL Between You And Me cards. If you are ever in a Hallmark, check those out, they're hilarious.

I forgot to follow up on the coloring books from Sunday! There were indeed coloring books.* I didn't believe Allie would really get them, but when she opened the door, she had them in her hands. 8D

*No, I do not know why I'm not fired yet.

Left to right:
01) The cover!
02) The only one I actually got finished at work.
03) After it introduces all the JL members, the coloring book includes a story about the invasion of Starro, who uses these little starfish buggers as mind control, and how it/he/whatever takes over all of the JL members. I have no idea what the setting is here--first they were in the city, but J'onn and Bats were in the Watchtower, which is (in JL/JLU) in space. And there seem to be random civilians staring at Batman, too, so... I dunno, I'm confused. It's resolved when Batman contacts J'onn telepathically and tells him to turn intangible so the starfish won't stick (how many friggin' powers does J'onn have?) and can thus free the others. I have no idea how Batman got through to Starfish J'onn, but it seems to work.
04) And while the idea of starfish stuck on hereos' faces is silly enough to have originated within the coloring book, they didn't actually make it up. I don't know when Starro first appeared, but he showed up in this issue of Justice League Europe, the cover of which I have borrowed from this Comics 101 article.
05) Haha, I forgot this one. I LOVE Alfred's expression. He does not approve of these dalliances, Master Bruce!


I kind of want to go to bed so I can do my soon-to-be-regular morning swim in the morning instead of early afternoon.


Two days, totally!!
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AHHH, it looks like "totally starkers" is winning in the Captain Atom poll. :D Of course, this is because I voted for "totally starkers." But he is! Look! No neckline! The absence of genitalia is the only boggling factor, but he is a being of nuclear energy or whatever, so I'm not entirely sure he possesses genitalia anyway.

Oh, Captain Atom, you dirty, dirty boy.

I have not voted on Mister Miracle's poll because honestly, his mask frustrates me that badly. Ironically no one has voted for the most correct answer (New Genesis crap), although one could argue that the third option is equally correct and here I go again. I'm not ruling out "Mexican wrestler," however. Perhaps that is part of the torture that exists on Apokolips--forced servitude as a sweaty, brightly-colored wrestler. Shiny spandex--oh, the humanity!

At work today, I think I met the love of my life. I also (maybe) broke the third register--it totally froze up and the store couldn't close and it's "corrupted," so it tells me, and OH I THINK IT'S MY FAULT. And I also pissed off this stupid whorebitch--HEY WHOREBITCH, look, there is only one of me and Theresa is off doing God knows what and did it really look like I wanted to show this woman EVERY SINGLE BABY-RELATED BOOK IN THE STORE? She just said "books" and "baby" and wtf is that supposed to mean? Books FOR babies? ABOUT babies? FEATURING babies? WRITTEN BY BABIES?? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, OKAY, so I kept telling her to GO TO BARNES AND FUCKING NOBLE but SHE NO LISTEN! MAYBE you could have approached me and said, "I'd like to be rung up now, please," and at least then I could have extricated myself from the metaphorical grasps of this apparently illiterate and/or stupid woman, BUT NO, you have to sit there and make stupid faces at me and make snide remarks to the dude behind you DON'T THINK I DIDN'T HEAR YOU and thank God he was very, very nice because it sort of decreased my feelings of WANT TO KILL YOU.

I hate working on Sundays.

Let me reiterate: I HATE WORKING ON SUNDAYS.

I think I am in the wrong line of work.

So in the past four days, I have been on my feet for at least 25 hours, which doesn't seem like a whole lot, but Friday through today have been seven-consecutive-hour days. AND I had to stay late tonight because of the aforementioned busted register and then the carpet cleaners. And my feet are falling off and I want to take them off and throw them at people.

AND AND my shoulders are peeling, and do you know how hard it is to look at your shoulders so you can see where you're peeling? My eyes are all crosseyed and I'm still itching, dead skin everywhere. :D

But anyway, about this cute boy, he and his Mum came in at like 5 minutes to closing and I waited by the door while Theresa rung them up. They were in a hurry (closing!), so Theresa told her she'd sign the woman up for a Gold Crown Card the next time she came in, and woman said that she probably wouldn't be back in a while, but he (aforementioned cute boy) would, and then I let them out and smiled and AHH.

He's probably gay. ;_____;

Or he probably thinks, "What the hey, this girl is weird and why is her nose all red and splotchy?" It's because I'm peeeeeeeeling. I can't help it. ;_;

Or maybe I am completely insecure.

But hopefully he will come in again, and hopefully none of the above is true (excluding the latter, because we know that is totally true).

*crosses fingers*

*crosses toes*

And to prove I am done bitching, I watched two more JLU episodes and FIRE&ICE CAMEOS up the wazoo. Can they have speaking parts, please? ;_; That's not bitching. That is a polite request. :D

If anyone (coughsamcough) would like to hook me up with the episode "The Greatest Story Never Told," I would just die. In a good way.

Okay, I swear this entry is over.
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Work was very slow, so for five full minutes I searched the Gold Crown database for superhero names. For the record, there have been no Graysons at our store, but there were several Rayners, and one B. Gordon. Suspicious.
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Oh dear sweet stiff arms and legs and everything.

I have been on my feet since 11 this morning, not counting a 30-minute break. I want to cut my feet off and throw them at people. I am way too tired to write this


I suppose that was true, then.

This is to the ugly manwoman who came in at 5:30ish. YOU ARE AN UGLY MANWOMAN. Also, it is my job to greet you when you walk in the door, and say things like, "Hi, how are you?" when really, I could not give a fuck how you are, expecially not a hosebeast like you. It is technically my job to follow you around and bug the hell out of you, so you're lucky we don't actually do any of that. But perhaps you, being the mythical hosebeast of legend and therefore lacking higher thought processing capabilities, are physically unable to register such a concept. I hope beetles fly in your hair and you can never get them out, ever.

Sorry, my leg fucking hurts and I don't want to work tomorrow (who the hell is open July 4th anyway) and I forgot to clock out, so I'll have to have Theresa or whoever fix it because I'm sure the folks in Kansas City don't want to pay me that much.

Also we had a sidewalk sale (read: a way for people to steal even more from us) and when we went to bring the table back in, there was a bird somewhere on it, or between it and the window, or something, and it went crazy and then it just stayed on the windowledge and wouldn't fly away and I hope it's not hurt because it was so cute ;_;

ETA: Aaaaand screencapping hates me. I think I've gone through every free trial out there.


May. 15th, 2005 10:03 pm
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Oh yeah--this is the kind of person who wanders into our humble, unassuming card shop. Well, besides psycho rapist stalkers.

We sell jewelry. Woman comes up to ask Linda if we have a mirror because she wants to see how something looks on her. BUT! The thing is, she wasn't modeling a necklace or earrings. It was...A BRACELET. If you want to see what a bracelet will look like on your arm, just lower your head a few degrees. AHHHHHH. Don't pretend that isn't weird.

Ever since I started working retail, I just don't understand humanity.


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