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I suppose it is worth mentioning in here, for the recollection of my future self, that this is the week in which Ed McMachon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson died. Today I checked Twitteriffic and learned that Billy Mays, master pitchman and possessor of one epic beard, has also passed. What in the nine hells? If we go back a few weeks we can also include David Carradine in this macabre little club. Rob Cockerham might be right about celebrities not dying in threes--we're well over three now. Now it's getting creepy. Who's next, Patrick Swayze? (I'm sorry, Patrick Swayze, I don't mean to call you out! I will feel so bad if that news hits tomorrow.)


My brother started police academy this past week, and it is nothing like the movies, let me tell you. (Also, seriously, what kind of judicial system offers "be a cop!" as an alternative to jail?) I give him all the credit in the world, because no power on Earth could make me want to get up every morning at 4am, run myself to death for 12 hours, and get screamed at by a man who looks like an angry boxer (the dog, not like Mike Tyson)--EVERY DAY, for 27 WEEKS. No thank you.

Ahh, what else. Um. My mother's doctor thinks she has an enlarged heart (or something), so she goes to see the cardiologist tomorrow. I think I have an ovarian cyst (or something), so I...have to get off my ass and make an doctor's appointment.

In two weeks (God willing) I am going to Minnesota to (a) meet J's entire frigging family (OH MY GOD) and (b) go to a wedding. Paul's wedding, in fact. Yes, THAT PAUL. Wow, that whole situation was one big false start, wasn't it? I'm happy with the way everything turned out, though, which is all that really matters.

DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THE DECEMBERISTS CONCERT ON THE 8TH?? HOW DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THAT?? It was amazing. It was, as expected, mostly their new stuff from The Hazards of Love (and no "Shiny"! Sadness!), but it was great--their two female guest vocalists (Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond)) were super awesome. Becky Stark came out all Galadriel and serene, and then Shara Worden!!! Holy cats, this chick, just watching her--hell, just thinking about watching her is enough to get me all jazzed up. She was so tiny, but so kickass. I wish her My Brightest Diamond stuff was as energetic as she was that night.

I suppose that's everything new. Getting ready for Minnesota in the next two weeks, then getting ready for New Orleans (SIGGRAPH) after that. (This involves a Cindy Crawford workout.) I'm excited about NOLA, but holy cats, it's going to be hot down there.

For lack of a better closing, I am completely obsessed with the opening cinematic for The Beatles: Rock Band (here it is, annotated). I think I've watched it 10 times now. I love the part where they change into the Sgt. Pepper uniforms--reminds me of Utena. I love Paul's little movements, the way he turns his head slightly and puts a hand on his hip. (I also love the "sitting in an English garden" part--there's something about seeing characters react to physical changes in their environment that excites me.) It makes me want to get back into animation (which was, y'know, my MAJOR even if they did shaft us on the education).

I want to play it NOW. Dibs on George.


Next time I need to read something gut-wrenchingly sad.]
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It just wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a listen to "The Ice of Boston."

Has it really been a year since I had that freaky egg dream?

Well, anyway.

I'm at work, dicking around while I print up a multitude of DVD covers, badly (WHYYYyyyy is the green still smudging, how much drying time does it need anyway), and I thought maybe I should write at least one more post in 2008. I never write about Christmas, despite the fact that it's my favorite time of year (how clichè, I know). This Christmas was largely uneventful but still wonderful in that I got to spend that night sitting on the couch and laughing with my grandfather at his new Victor Borge DVDs, playing on his new DVD player (yes, my grandparents are several years behind the times). I don't know how many more years he'll be around.

We missed going to Valley View Farms this year, which still isn't sitting well with me. I feel like--like I didn't do Christmas right this year. I guess it could be said that I usually feel that way, that I didn't take the time to really experience it, and now it'll be another year before I can do it again. Now I have to trudge through January and February (sorry Allie, but I hate these two months) and then the rest of the year, and I guess after the shitfest that was most of this year, I'm cautiously pessimistic about 2009.

And my allergies have been in full swing since Jeremy made me go to his "outlaws'" and forgot they have two cats.

But there is a par-tay tonight and I will be there in a pretty dress and sparkly shoes and my grandmother's jewelry, and if that isn't pimpformalchic I don't know what is.

In better news, my brother is finished with his radiation today, I think, and then I think he gets one more PET scan, and then we are pretty much finished! His hair is coming back in already; I think he's afraid it'll be blond.

In lieu of a retrospective, here are some songs I liked a lot (and were released or I discovered them--) this year. (Sorry for the ads, I tried to get rid of them but it just made everything ugly.)

King Dead

This entry sounds a lot more morose than I'm actually feeling. Look, here are some smilies to prove I'm OK:
:D :D :D :D 8D :) :B

(>._.)> <(._.<) (>._.)> <(._.<)
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My brother's PET scan came back clean. Cancer is in total remission! 8D

He'll still have to do radiation, but they're determining when and how long and where they'll target it, but YES IT IS GONE. Thank you God for one good thing to happen this year.
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[stumbles into room, collapses into chair, misses completey, falls to floor]

YOU GUYS. I'm sorry. I'm not dead. I was...lost! In the Kalahari Desert! Surviving on wild watermelon and antelope! Until I was discovered--my throat parched and my mind feverish and thoroughly mad from the heat--by a family of nouveau riche publishing moguls who happened to be on safari there, riding camels across the dry riverbed.

In any case! Here I am now. Here is my life since the last one. (If it is overly long, it's because this is for my own benefit as much as anyone's--more so, even.)


It turns out that the PET (?) scan revealed another cancerous lymph node, which means he has Stage 2, not 1. But the outlook is still overwhelmingly positive. They aren't going to operate to remove the other node; they're just going to kill it with chemo and radiation. The chemo has made him feel sick and faint and has given him horrible mouth/tongue pain (thrush) as well as other bits of general crappiness. Not sure when he's going to lose his hair. For some reason I thought it would have happened by now, but he's still got his full head, so.


For around two months now, I have been having this weird pain in the right side of my abdomen, right across from my navel. It started during a time of...unusual gastrointestinal difficulty, so at first I attributed it to that. But the weeks went by and it still hurts. (Hurt a lot in LA, actually.) It hurts ONLY when I'm up and walking around, tightening my stomach muscles. In LA, some uncomfortable fullness after a large breakfast at Denny's caused it to NOT hurt. It doesn't hurt to press on it--actually, if it's hurting, it feels better if I press on it.

It hasn't been bothering me too much lately because I'm back at work and largely sedentary, but that's not to say that whatever's causing it isn't still there. I've had an ultrasound done, which showed absolutely nothing. My blood test came back fine. Next up is a CT scan! Yaaaay.


Yeah, so I finally got this thing to fix my stupid jaw. It seems to be helping, although I am probably not wearing it as much as I should (but can you blame me? It is damn hard to talk with this thing in, and I get pissed off every time I try).

UHHHH. oh yeah.

For an extra $100 a month (which J is paying to me in exchange for me letting him keep stuff in here--this was the condition upon which I finally agreed), I moved out of my tiny closet-like room and into the big room with the large closet and the BATHROOM (half-bath, but still) all to myself. Now I have room to do my pilates!


On July 26, J and I went out to the Eastern Shore to stay in this beach house down the road from some friends of his. Dude is an amateur movie maker and was debuting his newest finished film. (I really want to be nice, but I can't say that I thought his execution was very good.) It was a really cool beach house and a really cool weekend overall (biting flies notwithstanding). The nights out there are so dark and clear that you can see every star. I spotted Cassiopeia and realized that I need to learn more constellations. And spend a lot more time out on a dock, lying on my back and pointing out stars.


On August 5 we all took a day off work to go to an amusement park. I survived the DOMINATOR! without vomiting and was proud. Had more luck on the Avalanche, and opted to skip the (scary) Volcano and the bumpy Grizzly. And whatever else scary things they have there. Had better luck in the water park, getting dumped on by a giant bucket of water (so much water! Almost lost my shorts) with Bryan and his girlfriend, Vanessa.

Then J and I got into a big fight over him not listening to a damn thing I said and me being mental and we almost broke up on the drive home, but we did not and I am happy because of that.


For one reason or another, we could not get a direct flight from BWI to LAX. I was so paranoid about losing luggage that I decided to cram one week's worth of stuff into one carry-on sized suitcase and a tote bag. AND I DID. So we stayed in this absolutely gorgeous hotel, the Biltmore, which is where a few Academy Awards were hosted, and is also the last place Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia, was seen alive. (spooky)

Also, the pool (which I swam in!) was featured in Cruel Intentions.

And guys, it is 11:11pm (!) and I am pooped, so I am just going to cut it off here for now and finish this some other time in the near (I mean it!) future.

NEXT TIME ON Sin Tetas No Hay ParaĆ­so (lol):
- and MY NEW CAR!

Good night, my darlings. :)


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