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So I am on my way to Halloween awesomeness again. Like I said last year, I'm switching sides and going as the Misfits' Stormer, which is probably more obscure than Jem, and I'm sure I'll get another "Are you Barbie??" comment, but oh well. (Bitch, Barbie never had pink hair. Don't insult me.) I don't know how I'm going to do the blue hair, as it's too late to order a nice blue wig, and I'd bet that the Halloween store wigs are sub-par. I'm sort of afraid of Kool-Aid stickiness. This is looking like my best bet.

Anyway, like I did last year, I am going to go ahead and call it for next Halloween:

Marvel Girl

I really dig Nuno Plati's version, with the smaller domino-style mask and the scoopneck and the hair band. Très cutèe. Going to have to do a lot of work between now and then--a minidress is something I am not prepared for.
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I suppose it is worth mentioning in here, for the recollection of my future self, that this is the week in which Ed McMachon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson died. Today I checked Twitteriffic and learned that Billy Mays, master pitchman and possessor of one epic beard, has also passed. What in the nine hells? If we go back a few weeks we can also include David Carradine in this macabre little club. Rob Cockerham might be right about celebrities not dying in threes--we're well over three now. Now it's getting creepy. Who's next, Patrick Swayze? (I'm sorry, Patrick Swayze, I don't mean to call you out! I will feel so bad if that news hits tomorrow.)


My brother started police academy this past week, and it is nothing like the movies, let me tell you. (Also, seriously, what kind of judicial system offers "be a cop!" as an alternative to jail?) I give him all the credit in the world, because no power on Earth could make me want to get up every morning at 4am, run myself to death for 12 hours, and get screamed at by a man who looks like an angry boxer (the dog, not like Mike Tyson)--EVERY DAY, for 27 WEEKS. No thank you.

Ahh, what else. Um. My mother's doctor thinks she has an enlarged heart (or something), so she goes to see the cardiologist tomorrow. I think I have an ovarian cyst (or something), so I...have to get off my ass and make an doctor's appointment.

In two weeks (God willing) I am going to Minnesota to (a) meet J's entire frigging family (OH MY GOD) and (b) go to a wedding. Paul's wedding, in fact. Yes, THAT PAUL. Wow, that whole situation was one big false start, wasn't it? I'm happy with the way everything turned out, though, which is all that really matters.

DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THE DECEMBERISTS CONCERT ON THE 8TH?? HOW DID I NOT TALK ABOUT THAT?? It was amazing. It was, as expected, mostly their new stuff from The Hazards of Love (and no "Shiny"! Sadness!), but it was great--their two female guest vocalists (Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond)) were super awesome. Becky Stark came out all Galadriel and serene, and then Shara Worden!!! Holy cats, this chick, just watching her--hell, just thinking about watching her is enough to get me all jazzed up. She was so tiny, but so kickass. I wish her My Brightest Diamond stuff was as energetic as she was that night.

I suppose that's everything new. Getting ready for Minnesota in the next two weeks, then getting ready for New Orleans (SIGGRAPH) after that. (This involves a Cindy Crawford workout.) I'm excited about NOLA, but holy cats, it's going to be hot down there.

For lack of a better closing, I am completely obsessed with the opening cinematic for The Beatles: Rock Band (here it is, annotated). I think I've watched it 10 times now. I love the part where they change into the Sgt. Pepper uniforms--reminds me of Utena. I love Paul's little movements, the way he turns his head slightly and puts a hand on his hip. (I also love the "sitting in an English garden" part--there's something about seeing characters react to physical changes in their environment that excites me.) It makes me want to get back into animation (which was, y'know, my MAJOR even if they did shaft us on the education).

I want to play it NOW. Dibs on George.


Next time I need to read something gut-wrenchingly sad.]
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Ahhh... Watchmen.

Here be spoilers.

Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains. )

And I won't lie, I got goosebumps watching the Half-Blood Prince trailer. What will I do when there are no movies left?? :(
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Seeing as I pretty much never read DC comics (or any, currently, as I am just too creeped out to go into yon Local Comic Shop all by my female self), this is still news to me, and it's a bit geeky. Just sayin'.


It's a shame she seems a bit of a self-righteous twat!
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01) I am early. I hope you know what this means and why it is such an annoyance.
02) The lab smelled like cat pee.
03) I had my 7:10-9:40pm History of Film class and it does indeed feel as late as it is.

But 03 is okay, because I spent the seven hours between classes with Dad and Patti. We went to Savage Mill and ate at Ram's Head Tavern, where I had an awesome sandwich and the waiter was totally cute and also probably 17.

So we wandered into one of the antique shops (quick aside: one of the others had a table and set of two torchieres made with probably gold and TONS of lapis lazuli--were $38,000 and $40,000 respectively and worth more than seven of my cars together), and really this whole post has been leading up to this moment. Amidst thousands of items--jewelry, furniture, more furniture, china, silverware, dolls, elepant teeth--inside a box of comic books, behind a metric ton of Superman and Tomb of Dracula, what do I find?

Brilliant! It really was a phenomenal find, but I wish I could say it was a bargain as well. Original price: 50¢. Jacked-up "antique" price: $30.00! Fortunately I am so wonderful Dad decided he must buy it for me. Or pay for it, because I had pretty much decided I wasn't leaving without it.

Having read it already--and yes, I read it; I was careful, and it's not like I ever intend to sell it--it isn't the most incredible piece of storytelling. Instead it seems like, hey, here's Ted and Vic and don't they work well together, so some random enemy of Ted's decides he wants to kill him and let's throw lasers and falling spikes and trap doors and fire and more lasers and ROBOT SHARKS at them. And oh yeah, let's steal the Bug, too! (Bug: ;_;)

I like that Ted is actually, y'know, competent. DC seems to have forgotten that in recent years.

Anyway. Sorry, boys, can't talk tonight. There's more if you know where to look.
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Right, so I start school tomorrow, and my schedule is absolutely awful, and thus I am really wishing I did not have to go back.

And on my final night of freedom, I present to you why I love Ted Kord, in three panels. )

I love him, why is he dead? ;_;
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Today--well, it's yesterday already--was my One Year Working at Hallmark and Putting Up With People's Crap Anniversary! And I haven't killed anyone yet. 8D

It was also Emily's last day, and I decided she's really really awesome, which is sort of poor timing on my part. On the 26th, she's going back to BYU. We had lightsaber fights with the wax torches* and compared thigh circumferences (apparently I'm not fat--I feel like I woke up on Earth-2) and read to each other from AWFUL, AWFUL Between You And Me cards. If you are ever in a Hallmark, check those out, they're hilarious.

I forgot to follow up on the coloring books from Sunday! There were indeed coloring books.* I didn't believe Allie would really get them, but when she opened the door, she had them in her hands. 8D

*No, I do not know why I'm not fired yet.

Left to right:
01) The cover!
02) The only one I actually got finished at work.
03) After it introduces all the JL members, the coloring book includes a story about the invasion of Starro, who uses these little starfish buggers as mind control, and how it/he/whatever takes over all of the JL members. I have no idea what the setting is here--first they were in the city, but J'onn and Bats were in the Watchtower, which is (in JL/JLU) in space. And there seem to be random civilians staring at Batman, too, so... I dunno, I'm confused. It's resolved when Batman contacts J'onn telepathically and tells him to turn intangible so the starfish won't stick (how many friggin' powers does J'onn have?) and can thus free the others. I have no idea how Batman got through to Starfish J'onn, but it seems to work.
04) And while the idea of starfish stuck on hereos' faces is silly enough to have originated within the coloring book, they didn't actually make it up. I don't know when Starro first appeared, but he showed up in this issue of Justice League Europe, the cover of which I have borrowed from this Comics 101 article.
05) Haha, I forgot this one. I LOVE Alfred's expression. He does not approve of these dalliances, Master Bruce!


I kind of want to go to bed so I can do my soon-to-be-regular morning swim in the morning instead of early afternoon.


Two days, totally!!


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