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Happy slightly belated Sam's Birthday!

may you always be THIS HAPPY
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I hope you have the best birthday ever. ♥
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We had a massive housewarming party yesterday so I missed MY LJ'S BIRTHDAY but there it is.

Here is my obligatory epic birthday gif!


Jan. 16th, 2011 04:45 pm
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I want to thank everyone for your condolences--I am doing better but I still have a little extra anxiety leftover. I only cry when I think about the little things, or when I pull up in my Mom's driveway and she's not there wagging her tail at me. Sigh. Give it time, Nichole.

Anyway! This is what I really came here to say:
Is your cat making too much noise all the time?


And many happy returns of the day. Muchos huggos, Sammy. Sorry I tacked on a depressing note to your birthday message. :)
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But it was, and I forgot about the traditional birthday animated GIF.

So without further ado:


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How could I have missed such an important milestone? (Other than the ways I've done it, oh, almost every year?) Yesterday was the 9th birthday of my dear old LiveJournal.

Nine years? For real?


Yes, really!

So, uh. Happy LiveJournal Birthday to me! And in the grand tradition of posting birthday gifs, this seems appropriate:


I am totally only kidding to all my fellow 9+ year LJ friends. You know I love. :)


Oct. 14th, 2009 12:05 am
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I'm not late! It's not midnight yet CST!


Happy almost late birthday, Caleb. 8D
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Happy Rachel's Birthday! 8D

I'll have a real post soon, honest. La la la.
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So yesterday I had a birthday! [adds tag to post] Five--five years past twenty? FIVE YEARS REALLY? FUCK.

The five of us from work plus Janek plus my roommates (!!) went out to downtown Silver Spring (although in my heart I really wanted to go to Georgetown, it was raining with the threat of a WINTRY MIX and I decided it would be too tragic to die on my birthday). We ended up eating at Eggspectations, which was much more hip than I had imagined, and because it was happy hour and my birthday and I was out with people who are essentially my family-away-from-family, I had a few drinks. And everyone had a big laugh, because I am the happiest drunk imaginable.

In the words of Kate: Good. Was good. Fun. With not...too much got broke. Broken.

Today I felt...not so good!

The larger work group went for drinks at Rock Bottom tonight, but the thought of drinking again so soon made my stomach turn so I stuck to tea. It was worth it, though, to see Sean drunk off his ass and polling the restaurant's female patrons about the appropriateness of an adult man wearing corduroys pants.

Anyway, now I am 25 and I am just going to take my cheaper car insurance and car rental rates and call it a day. I mean it, no more after this.
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Happy Rachel's Birthday! Hope your shoulder feels better, dude.
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Last night I stayed over with Jeremy's kids while he sat in front of Best Buy for 3 hours in the cold and rain, waiting for a Wii. Neither kid died and nothing burned down (and he did get a Wii), so I think we can consider it a success all around.

It seems a shame to only use these once. Also, hey, it is my birthday, and I am allowed to do whatever I want.

yaaaaaaay )
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Happy Winona's Birthday! 8D
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Happy Stephanieface's Birthday!
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Updated two weeks ago! That is terrible, even by my lax posting standards.

Two things to get out of the way, then:

Rumsfeld arts and crafts!
Happy Belated Caleb's Birthday!

eggman dance
Happy Day-Early Michael Watson's Birthday!

There we go. The rest of this may be long, and I apologize, and I'll try to keep it interesting with lots of paragraph breaks.

Since the accident, I've had to do a lot of legwork with the other guy's insurance company. At one point I thought I was going to have to deal with his father, who wrote his policy, but fate intervened on my behalf and I got to avoid that awkward scenario. As I understand it, there was a dispute, but it seems to have worked in my favor, as his insurance is springing for a rental car for me. Huzzah! The downside of this is that it means I will have to clean out my trunk, which is full of three years work of art projects.

The weekend after the accident (10/5), we attempted to go camping. Unfortunately all we managed was to make the 1.5 hour trip out there, find everything full, drive around some freaky dirt roads in the mountains at night, and come home. The actual camping trip happened this past weekend, which was a bit colder but not unbearable, except when the dog woke up at 4am to pee.

SUNDAY! Was of Montreal at Ram's Head Live (MGMT and Grand Buffet opened). It was ever bit as surreal and fantastic as I had expected. I'm slightly depressed to learn that Kevin Barnes looks better in fishnets than I do. Easily the most amazing show I've ever been to that wasn't a TMBG show (I've seen them so many (6!) times, they're in a different category). It was a lot like this:

(Also, a slideshow of pictures from Sunday)

I think I am in love with you, Kevin Barnes, but I'm afraid I ain't got no Soul Power.

In other news, the Bad Days have shown up a bit late. J doesn't seem to understand how debilitating and paralyzing my fears are, and I am afraid of a lot of things. I don't know how to explain it to him, and I'm afraid he won't care and just wants me to get over it, and I feel horrible and disgusting at the thought of saying them out loud anyway. So I shut down. I don't know what to do with this--I just want to get in my car and drive and get lost.

Also: For Halloween, my roommates want to go out to Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle (big obnoxious party), J wants to go to his friend's for a party (small, possibly obnoxious party at which I will likely be the only person not drinking). I would be perfectly content to put on my Jem thang and go wander around Fells Point again or Ellicott City or Annapolis or Georgetown. Or just go driving. But I have stupidly acquiesced to both of these things when I'd really rather not do either.

I am off to go watch an episode of X-Men: The Animated Series now.
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--Birthday, I mean. Birthday.

Happy Sam's Birthday!
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I think I accidentally added (and subsequently removed) someone to my flist, so whoever I added, if you stumble upon this, hi. And oops.

My tickets for next month's TMBG Brooklyn Birthday Extravaganzapaloozathon have arrived and we also got the hotel! However! The concert venue is in Park Slopes, near (funnily enough) Prospect Park. The hotel is way the hell down near Brighton Beach.
+: It's near (on?) the water AND like three miles from Coney Island.
-: It's way the hell down near Brighton Beach. And it's a bit over a mile to the nearest subway stop. Scheisse. (note to self: take the Q to 7th Avenue)

Ah well. I can't believe this song exists.

My teeth hurt and I'm soon to be an uninsured college graduate, so I should get them checked out, I guess.

Wearing Ze Wig tomorrow! Because Tim said it's "rad."

ETA: I am here all by my lonesome and I'm hearing scary noises. :x

Also here is a fantastic cover of Elvis Costello's "I Want You" by Fiona Apple.
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The stars have aligned, my friends.

Or they will, I guess.

In a month and a half I'll be 23. I feel old already. But taking the edge off of this is the fact that They Might Be Giants are playing THAT VERY NIGHT. ON MY BIRTHDAY. YES. IT'S TRUE. There is no way I am not going. Maybe they will sing Happy Birthday to me and then I can pretty much just die right on the spot.

Anywayayayay. Thing is, it's in Brooklyn, and I know over half of my flist is MIA or dead or on the West Coast (LAME!) (I KID) (I really need to get more friends), but would anyone happen to be able to recommend a nice, inexpensive hotel in New York? Preferably in Brooklyn, I guess, because I really don't feel like taking a taxi or the subway that far after the show. Also, one without bed bugs would be cool. The Carlton Arms is very cool and inexpensive and I would even be willing to go into Manhattan for it, if not for the fact that I am not going to be able to sleep with all of those people painted on the walls. (The eyes! The eyesss) Maybe if I got Room 9C or 9D. Room 15D is dirty. :)

I feel weird and sort of sick and my hands are inexplicably warm, and I've got a lot to do but I might just call it a night.

PS, TOOMAH UPDATE: The official verdict is that it's a Ganglion cyst. I don't think smacking it with a Bible is going to help it. And dammit, I forgot to ask for the MRI pictures.


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