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How is it possible that I do not own this?  Someone go to Japan for me and rectify this situation.
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The universe is dropping me a fuckton of hints, I think. Either that or I'm just desperate for some confirmation, but either way, iTunes is being very clever with its shuffling.

Then I saw this:

I've started keeping a log of 11:11 sightings, just for the hell of it, and to see if I can BS some sort of correlation. It's...nerdy?

sorry for the manic posting lately, dudes. one more and i'll be done. just bear with me--it's all very exciting! (for me!)
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I called Alison [not Allie] to make sure she was still coming in this evening to work, because she and I switched shifts (I would be coming in on Saturday for her instead). She told me that Connie had told her not to bother coming in, as she'd had the shift filled, but that they'd still need Alison on Saturday because it is assumed that I quit, although I never actually uttered those words (or anything like them). It was the end of my shift, Linda arrived, I clocked out and left.

I need to get my story straight and see if they really do want to believe that I quit. I would like to be adult about this, go about this the right way, and finish out the rest of my shifts, but honestly I can't see either of them being anything but childish and petty. Hell, if they could be adults, I wouldn't even be making this post.

I'll go back tomorrow or Saturday and see what the hell's going on. They may very well just tell me to shove it and go home, which is all well and good.

ETA: Oh yeah. I had my alarm set this morning because last night I was exhausted and didn't want to accidentally end up waking up at like 12:30 or something. Well, I ended up hitting the snooze on it and going back to sleep anyway, but the next time the alarm woke me up? 11:11. Yeah, that's a coincidence.
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Then I looked down at the clock and it was 11:11 and I said, "Oh, fuck you!" and it changed to 11:12.
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Next on Seriously, What The Fuck Is Going On With My Life: I really am going insane.

I am dead serious, guys, you don't believe me about the 11:11 thing? No one has said to me as much, but I know you're thinking it: I'm crazy, right?

I told Kelly (cute, thin, blonde coworker) about this strange phenomenon at work today, after seeing the 11:11 this morning. Now, every hour we have to print out and record sale information--net sales, individual average transaction, Gold Crown percentage. I was ringing someone up at around 3:00 when Kelly taps me on the shoulder and shows me the report she's just printed.

I ended up (after I was finished with the sale) crouched down on the floor behind the counter, thoroughly freaked out.

So she went on break and came back and told me there were donuts back there, courtesy of Theresa, but don't look at the box! On my break, I...looked at the box.

Dudes, what the hell.

After work Dan and I drove out to Crofton for my aunt's 50th birthday party, and as we were driving home, Dan says, "Hey, hey, look at the clock."

Yes. The 11:11. Also, the CD was on track 11.

So that's Thursday night, Friday morning, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, with assorted creepy instances in between.

Someone. What the hell? I am so going to a psychic with Allie when we hit up Ellicott City.

Uh, anyway.

As we were driving out there, my phone was ringing and neither Dan and I heard it until the very end, so I missed the call. I expected it was probably someone from home calling, or maybe Jeremy. Dan dug it out of my purse for me, and said, "Two missed calls and a voicemail..." I asked who called, and he says, "Paul."

What?? The boy has never EVER called me of his own volition.

"Hey, Nicki, it's Paul. Just calling to say hi, and... Yeeeahh, I'm in the South, and it's just as painful as always. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

I'm sorry, what?
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What are the odds that, on November 11th, I would glance at the clock at EXACTLY 11:11? THE ODDS??

I must be really aligned with my Oneness. Unfortunately Oneness makes me feel nauseous and does nothing for the Emo.
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If it weren't 12:41 with everyone else asleep, I would celebrate in the usual manner but it will have to wait until morning.

I also thought that NVisible would be having a big party due to the 11.11-ness, but apparently I am misinformed. Probably a lot of 11:11 Oneness frequencies flying around, though. Everyone! Please align yourselves with Oneness today, and be Real and True and live your Love! One day I'll actually read that website.

That is your 11.11 Celebratory Update.

And I KNOW you all know what Monday is. :P


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