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Sufjan was AWESOME. More about that later!

Also, this happened. )
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I wish that I could be purely excited about beginning new chapters in my life, rather than dreading the loss of whatever it is I'll have to leave behind. Have I always been so pessimistic? I just want to take it all with me. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

What is so wrong with that?
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Last night J and I picked up some dry ice and put together a dry ice bed bug trap. (Long story short: upside down dog bowl + talcum powder + dry ice = bugs, attracted by the CO2, climb the sides of the bowl and get stuck in the powder.)

After leaving it out all night: NOTHING. I figured if they were there, they haven't eaten (me) since last Tuesday morning, and they'd be drawn out by my presence, if not the dry ice. But no bites! Huzzah!

Of course, whatever DID bite me is still at large, but as long as it's not bed bugs, I don't care. :)
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I had a post written up about LA, but it's not up to my standards yet, so in the meantime you get this:

A terrible thing has happened! I am worried that someone brought bedbugs into the building and now they are IN MY APARTMENT D: But I am not entirely convinced! Here is the evidence:
  • I woke up yesterday with four itchy red bumps on my back. Two next to each other about an inch apart, one a few inches above them, and one sort of in the middle of my back, higher up. Last night, another one appeared on my side, toward the front of my rib cage (not on my back at all). There's another set of three, very close together (so it sort of looks like a scratch) on my right shoulder blade; I can't remember if that was there last night. They are all more or less on my right side, which I tend to sleep on.
    • Apparently the three-bites-in-a-row is a characteristic of bed bugs, because they bite you and then they have to move for whatever reason, so they scoot up a little bit and bite you again.
    • I Googled pictures of bedbug bites and some of them look like big gross splotches, but some of them look like mine (like mosquito bites).
  • Jeremy seems to not have been bitten at all, but he says this is not necessarily strange because mosquito bites don't really effect him either. And sometimes bedbug bites don't show any visible signs?
  • BUT! He sleeps with no shirt, and I wear a t-shirt and shorts, so why are they not going for the bare flesh and eating my back, which is covered by a shirt, instead?
  • I changed sheets just to be safe, and this morning I noticed that there were little brown spots across the sheet at about shoulder/back level (bedbugs leave little blood spots on the bedding). But they were brown, not like fresh blood. One of my fitted sheets had had dried blood spots on it a while back, though, but I can't remember if it was this one or the other one. I chalked it up to my having picked something on my arm and it bleeding a little on the bed.
    • BUT! The spots are all the way across the bed, on Jeremy's side too.
      • BUT! There are no bedbug carcasses, or bedbug poop, or anything. And I checked inside my shirt, too, because I figured if they're going to leave blood spots on the sheets, they'd probably also leave them in my shirt, where they were biting me. But I found nothing!
      • We also lifted up the mattress and everything. Nada. :(
  • Neither Jeremy nor I have been anywhere lately where we'd have picked them up.
But yeah, I'm freaking out because if I do have them, they're really hard to get rid of--they can withstand heat and cold and can live for 18 months without feeding (why God made such a creature, I'll never know). I'll have to toss my mattress and box spring, and who knows what else :(

HALP. I am really hoping it was a rogue mosquito. Meanwhile, I sprayed rubbing alcohol on my mattress and washed my bedsheets and comforter in HOT water. They are in the dryer now. >:|

On top of all this, there was a hostage situation at the Discovery Channel headquarters in Silver Spring, which is like 2 miles from my apartment. The gunman is dead now. So uh...yeah, there's that.
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I am a right mess lately.
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I just wanted to announce to no one in particular that I am watching a FUCK TON of Daria lately. Caleb has no idea what I'm talking about, and High School Intern was four years old when this show first came on so he has no idea what I'm talking about either. So I am going to talk about it with LJ at large.

Of course, I would be remiss if I made a Daria-related post without saying FUCK YEAH TRENT. HOORAY CARTOON BOYFRIENDS. Am I the only one who was disappointed that he and Daria never hooked up? I...uh...yeah. Whew. [fans self]

Halloween 2010 is still Marvel Girl, but I think 2011 might be the year of Daria. (C'mon, you know I would make a KICK. ASS. Daria.)
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So last night I ran again, finishing my first week of C25K. I really need to get new shoes. My left leg bothered me the most, sharp pains shooting up my shin with every step. For the last five minutes I decided to try it barefoot--or socked, anyway, because I thought other people might be grossed out by my bare feet touching everything. I definitely noticed a difference--my left shin wasn't hurting as much anymore. My right shin hurt instead! :D But it was a duller pain. And barefoot running is probably not the best idea on a treadmill anyway--major friction.

It's not as bad as it was the last time I was running semi-regularly, so I wonder if it's just a matter of my legs not being used to it yet. Still, those Five Fingers are looking better and better.

Baby, baby

Jun. 6th, 2010 08:39 pm
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So I've been rewatching LOST, and I've just finished the first season, and Claire just had the BAY-BEE and all that. Possibly as a result of this, I had an oddly insightful dream the other night. Somehow, I myself had had a baby--a perfect, round-headed baby, who was either GIGANTIC or I had somehow shrunk to the size of a 12-year-old girl. I think it was some sort of hierarchical proportion thing going on (thanks, art history!).

Anyway, here I am, carrying around this huge baby, and everyone is cooing over him and I'm like, "Yeah, this baby! Awesome! I love him!" Except I totally did not. I hated having this baby. And now I would be stuck with him for 18 years. And this is a very real fear of mine, that I'll have a kid and then just resent the hell out of it for the rest of its life. Sorry, future unborn children.

But yeah, I was standing next to my car at a gas station yesterday and the memory of this dream just popped into my head, apropos of nothing, and I thought, "How prescient."
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OK, here are a few things:

01. Well, good news! Max's antibiotics seem to be helping tons, although we still don't know whether or not it's bone cancer (and diagnosing it would cost something like $1500). But right now, it's fine, he's fine, I'm fine.

02. It is to note that I got my hair cut today after SIX MONTHS. My old salon closed in December, Sheila didn't let me know where--if anywhere--she was going, and my social phobia was a huge roadblock in finding someone new. But today I found Bubbles, and Samantha, and she was great. My hair feels so nice. :)

03. I literally just read this headline--Oil confirmed on Pensacola beaches--and my anger over this whole oil spill thing just increased exponentially. Pensacola, Fort Pickens to be specific, was where Jeremy and I went when we visited his grandmother last summer. We found a baby octopus! I know they call it the "redneck riviera," but I have never traveled outside the country, and I have never set foot in water that blue. Aside from the sunburn, it was wonderful, and I wish we'd had more time there.

But thanks, BP, for making it all oily. Good job.

04. I know this probably makes me twelve years old, but I cannot stop laughing at this.

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So today I get the news that Dave's dog, Max--who has loved me since the day I met him, and who wouldn't leave Casey's side after she started acting sick (even after all the months she bugged the shit out of him), and who is just generally sweet all around--has osteomyelitis in his jaw, and maybe a staph infection, and will probably have to be put down.


It was bad enough that every time I see a dog now, instead of thinking, "Oh, cute puppy!" I think:


Every dog is a big flashing knife in my gut.

I just saw him yesterday.
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I want to thank everyone for your condolences--I am doing better but I still have a little extra anxiety leftover. I only cry when I think about the little things, or when I pull up in my Mom's driveway and she's not there wagging her tail at me. Sigh. Give it time, Nichole.

Anyway! This is what I really came here to say:
Is your cat making too much noise all the time?


And many happy returns of the day. Muchos huggos, Sammy. Sorry I tacked on a depressing note to your birthday message. :)
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I went to see Casey today (and brought some Campbell's Chunky Soup [with love from my grandmother] and a hot dog), and of course I started sobbing as soon as I saw her. She was sleeping in her kennel outside and was all wobbly as soon as she stood up to come see me. She ate the hot dog right away. She and I hung out on the lawn for a few hours, me blowing my nose/sneezing/sniffling/touching her/crying, and her mostly sleeping (or trying to, because I wouldn't stop blowing my nose/sneezing/sniffling/touching her/crying). So we sat there for maybe an hour and a half, until she sat up a little and acted like she wanted to go somewhere. I thought maybe she was thirsty, so I helped her up the hill to her kennel and she drank some water and I gave her half of the can of soup, which she could not get enough of. I'm talking chasing the bowl around trying to get in all the crevices.

I walked with her over to the patio and tried to get her to lay down with me, but she was dead set on wandering around. After a bathroom break (yay!) she still wanted to get up and walk, so I grabbed the leash and said, "OK, let's go." (Dave said that it seemed to help if he walked with the leash taut, to keep her from falling.) She and I walked almost the whole way down the (long) driveway and back. I could tell she was slower than usual, and a bit more unsteady, and once or twice she would list to the left and bump into my leg, but she never seemed like she would fall over. She was even trying to drag me into the woods, and I might have let her if I wasn't wearing flip flops.

I know this is far from riveting, but I know she is old and I don't know how much longer I'll have her and she breaks my heart and I am not ready. I will never be ready. There have been times when I thought I would give Jeremy up--and I do love him, with all my heart--if I could have her around forever. I know how ridiculous that sounds but you're talking to the girl who cries at everything, going all the way back to the first time I saw The Land Before Time.

Ugh ugh ugh, this sucks, this whole aging thing.
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Just talked to my mom on the phone, and she said the dog (who is otherwise healthy and who can still easily outrun me) is stumbling into things and seems to be cocking her head to the side, both of which are unusual and seem to have started suddenly. She's almost 13 and I'm getting kind of worried. I know certain things are inevitable, but I don't don't don't want to think about it.

oh my casey boo.
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Yay, it's Rachel and Jason's anniversary!

I...uh, made something for you, but it's not working right now, so here's this in the meantime.


Happy anniversary! :D
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Whoops, this was from last week )

That's what I started to write last week. Then my browser crashed and it looked like I had lost the draft. But here it is again! Anyway, I'm better. I've gradually been eating more and more since it worked its way out of my system, and I think I lost 5 pounds or so. Best diet ever! No, I'm kidding. It was awful. (Not gonna complain about the weight loss, though.)

Well, anyway. Last night--after already driving the 30 or so miles from J's house to my grandparents', I then got guilt-tripped into driving back down to my apartment, an hour away, to meet Jeremy and some friends [Matt and Steffi] for an outing in Georgetown. All told, it was fun, although I didn't like college kids when I was in college, and I REALLY don't like them now. Anyway, we dropped Matt and Steffi off, and Jeremy and I drove back up Connecticut to Silver Spring. He's been listening to Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! a lot lately, and a new song started up and he said, "This is our song. Well, maybe it's my song."

Would I know? )

Naturally I cried.

Before we both passed out in my apartment, I asked him one more time if he really meant it, and he said (as he was falling asleep), "Yeah. It's like, in the song, the...stumbles and...led me to someone like you... No, not 'someone like you.' You."

And then he was asleep and I cried all over his arm.

Anyway. A++++, would date again.
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Poor Jeremy! I sort of have wedding fever. I have found so many beautiful hairpiece/headband thingies on Etsy and I want them alllllll and I am so bummed that they'll be gone by the time I do get married. :(
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But it was, and I forgot about the traditional birthday animated GIF.

So without further ado:


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So uh, hey, LJ.

Today I had a sucky day. It isn't often that I just feel sucky all day, but today I sort of did.

Well, let me first start with the OH MY GOD TWO BLIZZARDS IN FIVE DAYS. It kept the federal government closed from Monday to Thursday, which cost taxpayers like $350 million dollars. Sorry, guys, our winters average 18" of snowfall--we were not prepared for the 4-feet-plus that we got over the past week (DC and Baltimore broke their seasonal averages with 75" and 79.9" respectively). So Jeremy and I were holed up in my apartment for the past week, sitting on our asses, and not really working (although I wish I had been, now I have to make up hours (shit)), while I also dealt with a cold that I apparently got from eating snow (according to my grandmother). Monday evening, while trying to park my car at my apartment amidst WALLS of snow, I got my car stuck on a chunk of frozen snow and ice and had to enlist several nice neighbors (including one with a delightful Australian accent (he said "whereabouts"! hee hee)) to help dig me out. So fucking embarrassing.

And it is going to snow AGAIN on Monday/Tuesday. NO NO NO. Foot's Forecast puts it at 6". (National Weather Service says...I can't even bear to process all of that.) Let me stress to you that there is literally nowhere else to put this snow. We are maxed out.

But back to today. Today was sucky because (after I woke up with toothpaste in my hair, wtf) Adobe fucked me hard and left me a broken woman. Evidently you can't install programs from two different Creative Suite packages, with two different license keys, because now I get a lovely message telling me that my licenses are fucked and I need to reinstall. This is for programs that I've had installed for 2.5, 3 years? That I use every day? It makes me want to pull my hair out and weep blood.

And I can't back it up with Time Machine because I thoughtlessly (!) deleted a bunch of backups from 2008-2009 (who fucking knew) and now my backups are probably worthless.

And then I almost got rear-ended on the way to my grandparents' house, because some twats forgot to let everyone know they were blocking the right lane for snow removal.

And then I did this: (gj, nichole)

So....yeah, it's been a crap day.

The only good thing? J found a house he'd like to buy and asked me, "Would you maybe be interested in co-habitating with me if I buy this place?" (lol nerd) No idea if he'll be able to afford it, and to be honest, I have reservations about leaving my little fortress of solitude (anyone know how hard it is to copy a "Do Not Duplicate" key? Do they really care?). But it is awesome that he asked; I guess being stuck with me all week has convinced him I'm not that bad to be stuck with. Although I probably discouraged him by going all shithouse when my Adobe stuff stopped working. Sorry again, J, I am mental.

Anyway. Better tomorrow, I hope.
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How could I have missed such an important milestone? (Other than the ways I've done it, oh, almost every year?) Yesterday was the 9th birthday of my dear old LiveJournal.

Nine years? For real?


Yes, really!

So, uh. Happy LiveJournal Birthday to me! And in the grand tradition of posting birthday gifs, this seems appropriate:


I am totally only kidding to all my fellow 9+ year LJ friends. You know I love. :)
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Four years. On Monday it will have been four years since Jeremy kissed me and so began...

That is sparkly, but you can only see it on my page, until I feel like editing it to make it an inline style. SORRY. GOSH.
I fixed it, even though the web designer in me is screaming. Enjoy your damn sparkles.

Heh. Really, though, four years is a long time--and yet, hardly any time at all. In the same amount of time from now, I will be...THIRTY. (Can you tell I've been dwelling on this a bit in the past few weeks?) Hopefully he and I will still be chugging along together.

Anyway, we haven't decided what to do for l'anniversaire de l'amour, but it will have to be something cheap. D: The constraints of time and daylight and weather make it a bit more difficult (why couldn't he have made a move in early October?).

Four years. Really. Huh. Maybe it's an unrecognized blessing that I don't feel nearly as old as I really am?

Also I finally got to Angra Mainyu in FFX-2 and after an hour I KICKED ITS ASS. My proudest moment.


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