Dec. 17th, 2008

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So yesterday I had a birthday! [adds tag to post] Five--five years past twenty? FIVE YEARS REALLY? FUCK.

The five of us from work plus Janek plus my roommates (!!) went out to downtown Silver Spring (although in my heart I really wanted to go to Georgetown, it was raining with the threat of a WINTRY MIX and I decided it would be too tragic to die on my birthday). We ended up eating at Eggspectations, which was much more hip than I had imagined, and because it was happy hour and my birthday and I was out with people who are essentially my family-away-from-family, I had a few drinks. And everyone had a big laugh, because I am the happiest drunk imaginable.

In the words of Kate: Good. Was good. Fun. With not...too much got broke. Broken.

Today I felt...not so good!

The larger work group went for drinks at Rock Bottom tonight, but the thought of drinking again so soon made my stomach turn so I stuck to tea. It was worth it, though, to see Sean drunk off his ass and polling the restaurant's female patrons about the appropriateness of an adult man wearing corduroys pants.

Anyway, now I am 25 and I am just going to take my cheaper car insurance and car rental rates and call it a day. I mean it, no more after this.


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