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So, it looks like I'm employed for a little while longer. I was starting to look forward to a government shutdown because it would force us to take some time off and get some shit done around here, but Reid and Boehner pulled something out of their asses at literally the eleventh hour, so we all got to go back to work.

Jeremy and I still took off today just to have some quality time together, so we went down to DC and poked around in a few gardens (both sculpture and botanical) and the Air and Space Museums. Now my feet ache. He, for some reason, is still out there shoveling stone for our drainage pipe, even though he should be too sore to move after shoveling stone for most of the day yesterday.

Oh my God, my feet hurt. And my lip is twitchy! And writing this on the iPad is making for all sorts of weird typos, which I think I've been catching as I go, but I'm not perfect, so watch out for inexplicable mentions of goats and whatnot.

I am also excited because I got my oil changed and my tires rotated! By an honest mechanic! Hurrah! Being an adult is pretty boring. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong.

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Ahhhhh, okay. The past week has been sort of ridiculous.

On Wednesday, a bunch of us from work went out to lunch (Thai, if you must know). When we got back, I somehow managed to get my finger smashed in the car door. It went like this:

And yes, it shut all the way. I don't know what all was in that door, but when we all came to our senses and opened it, I had two punctures/holes on either side of my finger (the big one was probably almost 3mm across). So gross. We were halfway to the hospital when we realized they'd just splint it and charge me $600 for an x-ray, so we fixed it ourselves via CVS. I don't think it's broken, although it's still swollen a bit. I'm mostly disappointed that the holes filled (swelled?) back in and it doesn't look gross anymore. :(

Thursday Jeremy and I and MY MOTHER went to dinner and I was nervous and wanting to throw up, but I think it went well. She likes him. Yay!

Saturday (some people would call this yesterday) Allie and Ben and I went to DC to, among other things, go to the National Zoo (where it snowed) and the Spy Museum (SOLD OUT! ;_;) and then to go to other museums instead, and get lost. Our drive home looked like this, and if you know anything about DC, you know that (driving there is miserable and) the bad parts are...very, very bad. And I think we drove through maybe all of them.

About 45 minutes prior to this, we thought we were going to have to sleep in the parking garage. That is another long story in itself--but for now, let it be said that there is no terror like thinking you're going to have to spend the night in a hot, stuffy car in a stuffy, poorly designed parking garage in the bowels of DC.

Okay, finger aches from typing. Done now. :3


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