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Yeah, definitely just burying it.
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Apparently I am still not really ready to talk to him on the phone either. Oh God, I can't even tell whether I'm doing well with occasional relapses, or I'm really miserable but just burying it.

I had this dream last night. I'll spare you most of the (cool) details (Beach 6A!), but the gist of it is this. Myself and a bunch of randomly brain-selected friends and family, including Sir Jeremiah, went on vacation to the Bahamas. The islands were accessible by a long underground waterslide that culminated in a chute through a waterfall that did not knock you on your ass as you went through it, as I would expect, but planted you quite nicely on the beach.

Anyway. As the day went on, I noticed that J was no longer with us. I got ahold of a computer and was poking around online when I somehow stumbled upon a website for a monastery. On the screen was a picture of Jeremy and a message saying how excited he was to have just joined, etc.

Yes, that's right. He was so afraid of a relationship that he joined a monastery.

Oh, I laugh.
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Please, if you could, anyone. I get zero comments anymore because my life is just the same rehashed crap from over a year ago, I guess, but help me out this once? I need some ridiculously, brainlessly upbeat music so as to block out the low drone of this heart full of regret I've got going on here. The pinprick of "You've waited too long, jackass," is vicious.

(See also.)

not that this matters anyway as i have a boyfriend and all

Anyway. Idiotically cheerful music? Artist + title is fine. Otherwise it's just me and every bittersweet song that keeps popping up in iTunes.


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